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claus3006/24/08: Claus is doing well. He is still getting used to swimming beyond where his paws can touch. He won't even go after the ball if its too deep. After swimming with him I look like I was attacked by a wolverine. He will get it though, it helps that the labs he plays ball with have no issue going in the deep. He hates thunder more than anything. He actually climbed into bed with me the other night. He had a trim the other day. It's easier that way in the summer. Between drying him off and the intense ball play I think he's a bit more comfortable. The past couple of weeks it has been really humid and has even hit the 100s a couple of times. Is there any chance we can breed him with one of your top females? He really is unbelievable and I think that with his genetic makeup, intelligence, and physical characteristics he would be an amazing stud. ~ Matt




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