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nic03/07: . . . the boys went to the vet on Saturday and Nic weighs 63.10 lbs . . . I checked Nic’s weight when he was between 9 and 10 weeks and he weighed 27.70 and when he was 13 to 14 weeks he weighed 42 lbs. That’s a pretty decent jump! It will be interesting to see how big [Bo and Nic] are when they are fully grown! . . . It’s hard to believe [the other pup] has been with us for only 2 weeks now, you would think by the way he and Nic are that they were always together! Nic is definitely in his glory with Bo. Tomorrow will be a little over a week that we did Nic’s ears so I am going to pick up some Unisolve at the pharmacy and we are going to take the glue out. I will let you know how it goes and send you some pictures. Nic seems to be getting lighter. I’m not sure if you can tell by the pictures or not. His coat is so pretty. People can’t get over how pretty he is when they see him. ~ Noel and family




nic at 9nic at 9



03/07: At left and right, Nic at 9 months of age.



07/07: Chris took the boys (see Bo) to get weighed today and Nic weighs 90# . . . Man talk about a couple of mooses!! ~ Noel




nic an dboboth




01/05/08: Nic's appointment for his boosters is not until Jan.25th so I wanted to get these [photos] out before that. (Nic on right, Bo on left) ~ Noel








01/28/08: We had [Nic and Bo] at the vets and Nic weighs in at 91 pounds . . . Our vet says they are doing wonderful and their diet that we have them on is good. We are feeding them Natural Choice with Glucosimine and Chrondition. We also give them meat from whatever I make for dinner, actually they get part of the leftovers and man if you skip it the look at you like you are denying them life!! I also give them marrow bones raw and they LOVE those!! ~ Noel


02/01/08: Nic's DNA Profile (Proof of Parentage) PDF


05/24/08: Nic weighed in at 90 pounds. He has lost a pound but I actually chalk that up to Moose giving him a run for his money. So as soon as I figure out how to download the pictures fron our camera I will send those out. ~ Noel


06/19/08: Okay here is Nic, he is weighing in at 101 and still our growing baby! The pictures of him and Bo (Windy/Polar 12/06 litter) playing tug of war are awesome. They will take turns standing up and laying down. He is always in the forefront so you know who is who. ~ Noel




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