Lord Zorro


112/06: My 7 week old puppy 18 pounds! His name is Lord Zorro of Amy Acres. My Mobile vet came out and found Sir Zorro in excellent health. She said the person who raised him really took good care of him because he is in excellent health. She . . . said he is not just fur he is actual weight . . . She assured me he will be huge!!!!!!!!!!!! The vet was amazed how calm he is considering he is a pup. His first night was very tough for him, does not like his crate at all . . . He is doing well with going to the bathroom, seems to imitate the other dogs. He is really holding his own with all the other animals. He cannot figure our what the cats are yet. He talks a lot and gives his input when he is not satisfied . . . The other dogs are doing good with him also . . . everyone is so amazed on how fat and beautiful he is. The moving lady who came today to sign a contract wanted to take him with her. His fur is amazing; it will be long and silky smooth. It is similar to a silky terrier fur my friend’s dog has . . . He plows into everything like a bulldozer, he is very aware of how big he is. My husband is just crazy about him, so is my daughter and my son already calls him by his name. It has been a crazy weekend but Zorro has kept it positive. We are all so proud of him, the vet said to wait til he has all his shots to take him out to the Pet store etc. I cannot wait to take him and show him off!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Rose (Florida, USA)


rose and zorrorose and zorrorose and zorro


zorro01/07: Picture (right) of the Giant, 42 pounds at 13 weeks. Vet says his paws resemble her Great Dane’s pups paws . . . and she assured me he will be long haired ~ Rose


01/07: Zorro went to puppy class today at PetSmart, he enjoyed seeing all the other pups. He was very well behaved and laid back.zorro I love this dog’s laid back attitude, with such a large breed it is such a wonderful trait. The people circled Zorro and picked him out of all the other cute but small puppies. Everyone was fascinated by his size, which is 47 pounds at 15 weeks of age. But he is just a giant bear cub, very shy at times and just extremely lovable. After he got over his fear of meeting new people, he was licking them to death! People are fascinated by his size and his beautiful fur.


As you can see I am just so proud! Everyone asked me where I purchased him, if I knew his parents and how you shipped him etc. Next puppy class I am taking your card so they can call you themselves . . . I also took him to my old neighbor who owned a Shiloh and she was in awe with Zorro, I cannot stop complementing you on the great job you have done, with the breeding of such magnificent animals. Oh before I forget he does pretty good in the car, I was surprised. ~ Rose




02/07: Zorro is now 60 pounds at almost twenty weeks. ~ Rose




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