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03/07 AAKS Note: I (Amy) visited Rose in Florida, anxious to see how much Lord Zorro of Amy’s Acres had grown. As expected, I found Zorro to be a fine example of a King Shepherd; his size and personality is HUGE! Congratulations to Rose and her family for raising such a great dog and welcoming me into their home as I were family.


rose and amyamy and zorroamy and zorro


amy and zorroamy and zorroamy and zorro


amy and zorroamy and zorroamy and zorro


lord zorrolord zorro

04/07:Hard to believe he was 20 pounds at 7 weeks, now [at 6 1/2 months] he is well over 80 pounds, almost as tall as my full grown White German Shepherd.


His hair is long as you [can] see in the pictures. His ears are up, has a tip on the left ear [we’re] still working on. He is full of energy and strength . . . I know he is my dog but darn he is handsome.


[These are] his latest pictures for you to enjoy . . . I am extremely satisfied with his development, he is looking more like is grandfather “Zack” and mother “Lady” ~ Rose .


lord zorrolord zorrolord zorro


05/07: The vet is accustomed to seeing dogs all the time but she is crazy about Zorro. He is now 98 pounds! ~ Rose


Zorro King ShepherdZorro King Shepherd puppyZorro King Shepherd dog


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