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08/07 AAKS Note: Zorro is 10 months old in these photos. We would like to thank Zorro's “mom” and his family for taking time to allow prospective owner's Mike and Janet to visit. Mike and Janet, who had never seen one of our Magnificent Kings in person, are going to get a Lil' Red/Ranger pup from the upcoming Fall 2007 litter and were very excited about their visit.


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06/04/08: Lord Zorro at 21 months (photos below).




06/04/08: I have seen your website and the pups are beautiful. I never get tired of looking at them, Hillary's pups are awesome. I still hope to give Zorro a sister someday. I need to look into tiling some of my floor in the future to handle two large dogs. Zorro has continued to grow and impress everyone that sees him. My brother came to visit from Maryland and he could not get enough from Zorro and visa versa. My brother was amazed by his size and fur's two beautiful combinations . . . he loves to play when the kids are in the pool. He will not go into the pool, not to fond of water. He has fallen in the pool before and popped right out like a spring. He loves the kids and family in general. Due to his thick fur and extreme heat in Florida, he is more of an indoor dog. ~ Rose




06/05/08: Zorro has gotten huge, he is now starting to fill out especially around his head area. He has always had a big butt and large legs. I plan to get him fixed sometime this month. He is such a happy dog, very much a pup, still plays hard. I walk him mostly in the morning due to the extreme heat. He is always eager to please and be the center of attention. If you are not careful he will try to French kiss you . . .You definitely have a continuous King Shepherd owner for life. I plan on purchasing all my Kings from you. My brother fell in love with Zorro, as I said. Maybe next year I will buy him a pup for his birthday and have it shipped to him. ~ Rose


07/07/08: It is always a treat to hear from you. I look forward to Zorro becoming as impressive as his mighty father. He is still at 95 pounds but shedding like crazy lately. He is my lap dog and swears I am his mother. I have found someone to stay with the Yorkie and Zorro is going to the kennel even though he does not like it much. He loves being in the house almost too much but I understand it is Florida. I am still working on neutering him and will get around to it when I return from Maryland. ~ Rose


08/08/08: My dream litter is coming (Polar and Powder), but I cannot purchase a pup at this time. Sasha is still with us and not that I wish anything to happen to her but she has become an elderly dog. Holding her bodily functions is not one of her strong points and never was. I still have that stinking carpet off-white or the color of powder. I hope to get tile put in some time next year, but not through the entire house.


When Zorro sheds it becomes a huge job to pick up after him. Poor guy looks so sad when I come home and he has changed the color of the carpet to black!! You have to vacuum 3 times a day. That is another reason the next pup will be the color of my Lobo or Powder, not as noticeable with my carpet color. I also have my hands full with my son, he is getting better and of course juggling work and the properties that are no longer making money. I will let you know and maybe when you breed Polar and Powder again I would be interested in putting in a deposit. But thank you for remembering me.


I left for . . . a family function and Zorro stayed with a pet sitter. He fell in love with her and would not stop giving her kisses and trying to sit on her lap. She was scared of him at first but by the second day he was comfortable with her and started to display humping due to excitement (I hope). She is also going to help me socialize him with a very balanced dog she has which is a lab. I would like to get him more comfortable around other dogs other then my grouchy Yorkie. When he is more comfortable then I will feel more at ease to bring home a new pup. I saw the pictures of most of the dogs in their shows and they look amazing. I am so proud of you, you have done it. Maintained and improved such a beautiful breed. ~ Rose (P.S. You live my dream, breeding and showing dogs, good for you to dream and actually do it. )


09/07/08: I have not been able to speak to you for some time . . . I know I had mentioned to you [identity withheld] . . . has been having severe behavioral issues . . . It got real bad on August 24th, he went into a rage. Destroyed some property in the house and attacked me. Well I know you know I am 90 pounds soaking wet. Luckily Zorro was with me at the time and he immediately came to my defense. He did not bite . . . or draw blood, he just clamped on his tennis shoe and threw him off balance allowing me to jump on him and call for help. The dog was amazing, quick to go into action . . . He kept [the person] in one area such as herding and helped me physically control him. I was so grateful to my guardian and so proud of him to be able to control himself to not hurt [the person]. Zorro is about 105-108 pounds now but so caring and gentle with the family. I still have not been able to neuter him but I will in the future, so he won't be tortured with the different smells. Zorro has become everyone's hero and thank God he demands to be an indoor dog. I love my family and I love my dog the same . . . I know somehow things will get better and in a couple of years we will be back to a normal life. But for now I would like to thank you so much for such a beautiful and courageous animal. ~ Rose


10/02/08: 2 year old Zorro, our pride and joy, when I take him for walks people slow down in their car and people stop tell me how beautiful he is, thanks Amy. ~ Rose




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