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10/02/08: More photos






10/02/08: more photos




01/24/09: I think [the new litter pups] are all adorable but I am biased and favor the whites. They just remind me of my most beloved dog Lobo. I will never get over him. Powder looks so pretty she sure has turned into an incredible example of a King Shepherd. People come over to the house now and Zorro participates with a muzzle at first but he is getting better everyday with people. One of the 1st things people ask me when they meet him is if I am going to breed him since he is so beautiful. I tell them no too much work at this time. ~ Rose


03/02/09: Don't you wish [puppies] stayed that cute forever? They are all adorable, thank you so much for sharing [the photos]. My Lobo was cute but your King pups are so chubby and cute. They look just like bear cubs. Your breeding program is amazing. When I walk Zorro people are still captivated by his beauty. He looks like a million dollar dog. But we know he is just my Zorro forever young and forever goofy. ~ Rose


c1104/04/09: I finally got Zorro neutered. He is wearing a huge helmet to avoid from having him lick, bite or pull at his incision. He just hates the helmet and so do I as it is messing up his ears!! They want me to keep it on for 14 days but I can barely stand a week. He did very well at the vet's office, did not fight or act aggressive towards the other dogs. I was very surprised, since the office was full of dogs and a cat ready to be neutered or spayed. I had his muzzle on but he still did not bark, lunge or show aggression. He was a hit at the office. The receptionist thought he might be mixed with Malamute, I advised her the breed is mixed with Malamute but he is now a true King Shepherd. She was so fascinated with Zorro that I gave her your name and cell number, I hope you do not mind. I also told her about the 3 white pups left from Powder and Polar and gave her your website to take a look and she sounded very interested . . . His weight has stayed around 97 pounds but now with this surgery I am sure he will easily go over 100 pounds. ~ Rose


04/13/09: Zorro is back, he is feeling and looking better. He went to Pet Smart to be socialized and did well,c12c12 two dogs tried to attack him, but he held his own and quickly recovered when ordered. He is being socialized with people as well and he did wonderfully. He watched other dogs be trained he knows all the basic obedience commands so that was not a challenge or point of interest for him. He watched the other dogs quietly laying by my side, he did not lunge, bark or growl at other dogs. I was very proud of him especially as most of the store was in awe with the unique beauty of a King Shepherd. The trainer's German Shepherd looked like a pound dog in comparison to Amy's King Shepherd. The trainer's Shepherd was a full grown 7 year old dog much smaller then Zorro. The other dog's ears were awkward and his bone structure just not as strong as Amy's Kings. Amy, kudos to your Kennel, your Kings are Elite Dog of the Shepherd Breed. Zorro is only going to get bigger as he will now gain more weight as he has been neutered. I am planning continued outings to the dog park and trips to Pet Smart as Zorro enjoys riding in the car. I just wanted to share Zorro's return to good health. ~ Rose


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