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04/14/09: More photos




04/26/09: Zorro was taken to a dog park yesterday and he enjoyed it but was nervous at first.   He is just more comfortable with humans.   He still was a hit with his good looks.  He also had a shining for a mixed female called Abigail.  She seemed to speak to him and put him at ease.  He is just so big and loves to ride in the car.   Sending pictures (below) I took of him hanging out at home . . . I had a friend of a neighbor approach me from his car when I was walking Zorro. He asked he if he was a thoroughbred, I guess that was his way of asking if he was purebred. I told him yes and he asked me if he was a male of female I answered male. He immediately said he would purchase a female and we could couple him. I answered by telling him I just had him fixed he left grunting and swearing under his breath it was so funny. ~ Rose




05/31/09: AAKS NOTE: These photos were taken from my Florida visit at the end of May. I stayed at Hoss and Raven's house and we all met with Rose and Zorro at a dog park. It was great to see all the dogs again!




06/05/09: When I took Zorro to the park for the first time, his teeth out and growling with a muzzle on I never thought other dogs would be safe. But by the second day as I petted the other dogs that came to him, he came to realize if they did not hurt me they would not hurt him. Remember your the leader and you have to display confidence to pass on . . . Now he gets jealous of me petting other dogs so he allows other humans to pet him to get me jealous I think!! LoL By the 3rd day he realized it was a social scene and as you witnessed he has not looked back. As Cesar says, dogs live in the now. When you go to the park try to pet the friendly dogs of course that will help [the dog] forget . . . to worry about being scared. When [the dog] sees you confident then [it] will be also. ~ Rose


06/08/09: It's official, Zorro weighs between 110 -112 pounds. I was worried he would be around 120 at that point I would have put him on a diet. He went from 97 pounds to 112 pounds in a month , I wish I could gain weight like that!! LoL ~ Rose


07/14/09: Wow Amy, [the Cilla/Onyx pup litter is] four weeks already. You can never get tired of looking at those adorable puppy pictures. A new lineage that's great. As usual you are doing a great job!! ~ Rose


08/29/09: I can't wait till Powder's pups are born! . . . You definitely have your hands full with the adult dogs and pups. You are surely blessed being able to observe the birth and the development of such beautiful pups. When I am at the dog park there can be 20 other dogs but Zorro stands out like a sore thumb. Everyone asks me his name what kind of German Shepherd he is. He is just so majestic and well put together. People can tell he is [a] Shepherd but they always ask what else is he bred with since he is so strong and large. I have to explain the breed and then they ask me if I purchased him from a breeder. Well I tell them yes a breeder in Michigan. Don't get me wrong all dogs are beautiful but Kings live up to their names, they are the Kings of the dog community. I cannot wait to see my babies pictures and video. I enjoy my baby more everyday, he is just that my big baby. He swears I am his mother, he loves to howl with my husband. I hope everything works out for you Amy, your such a wonderful mother to these dogs. ~ Rose


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