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09/27/09: Never misses a meal and nor does the 17 year old Yorkie. Hair drying, nice and fluffy. He is getting better every day with people he understands now that people are really not a threat. Let's not get it twisted he is not Lassie to lick you to death but he allows you to pet him when ordered. He is awesome with other dogs which also makes me really proud.


He loves going to the park, I try to take him 2 -3 times a week, as much as my job permits. My car will never be the same with the hair etc.. but it is worth it. I also get to speak to all the dog lovers which I find very rewarding. The lady across the park has 3 German Shepherds one of them is a King. She stopped me yesterday and asked me if my dog was a King and where I had purchased him, immediately I told her from Amy at Amy's Acres. She said she knows Amy and has been looking at the website. She also told me her horror story where she purchased her King but never got papers for him. She told me her dogs are service dogs etc. She wants me to call her next time I am at the park to bring her dogs out. Her King is a beautiful red sable long haired, then she has a black shepherd. I have not seen the 3rd, she mostly keeps them inside as it is too hot for them to be out. She mentioned her King is 15 months and about 96 pounds. I informed her Zorro will be 3 years old and is now between 115-120, he really has packed on the weight and muscle. I will speak to her and see how she turned her dogs into service dogs, may look into a job for Zorro.


I did tell her that Powder is Zorro's sister and she said she was going to look her up. I am still eye balling Powder's babies. I would love to get a female just as a pet of course. Still working on the old man and the logical side of the family. ~ Rose


09/27/09: As you can see it is hard to get Zorro's coat soaked. But he is not all coat he has filled in wonderfully as a mature King. He will be 3 years old on September 30 and he has a glow of Majesty to him now. When people see him now they say he looks more like a bear then a dog. ~ Rose




09/30/09: I am meeting Janet and her husband along with Hoss and Raven on Sunday. What a treat!! I met this lady that lives across the street from the park . . . she said she knows you. She has talked to you on the phone and has seen your website . . . She might meet us at the park with her King on Sunday as well. ~ Rose


11/23/09: Photos of Zorro and his loving Yorkie companion, Sasha, whom passed away on this date.




12/24/09: . . . Wow that was amazing, thanks for sharing [Lil' Red's birthing video]!! You were able to put me almost in her delivery. That was amazing, it is always such a fascinating process. What beautiful pups. Little Red is a is a very beautiful mother, love her coat . . . I would love to live next to you to visit the pups almost every day but I am sure I would get on your nerves after awhile. I was talking to Janet the other day and she gave me wonderful advise, Lord Zorro has been itching allot lately and he does not have fleas as I have him on medicine. She asked me what food I was feeding him. Well Zorro never misses a meal, he can eat allot in order to sustain such a big butt. So I made the mistake to changing him to grocery brand food, Beneful. Well I paid the price as she says the ingredients make him itch and shed more than usual. Today I went to Pet Smart and purchased Bill Jack again, it contains amino acids and omega 3 and 6 for his skin. I was also chatting with the lady and asked her how I could get a job doing what she does as I am also passionate with dogs. She gave me her card, I will look into it for the future. Want to start doing something I enjoy, still doing what you used to do and it is getting very old. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. ~ Rose


zorro125zorro12012/25/09: Zorro loves Christmas and he really enjoys when the entire family comes including my son. He loved his Christmas toys a frog, gorilla and ball that makes wacky sounds. Amy, thanks for the pictures again. I have sent them to my job via email to share them with some friends that cannot picture our Kings ever being that small . . . I could not picture myself not having a King!! My baby is getting bigger he is now close to 120 pounds and if I let him eat as much as his heart desires, I think he would easily be 145 pounds. But I like him solid but not over weight. He has never been a skinny dog and his big butt is his trade mark. And let's not forget the tree trunks he has for legs. He is my baby always and he howls on command. My husband will howl or put the wolves howling on the computer and Zorro starts howling. It is so funny to see his lips flapping as he howls, he loves it. He really sees us as his pack and is very happy. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own such a beautiful and intelligent animal. ~ Rose.


01/02/10: Thank you so much for sharing [your YouTube videos] . . . those pups are adorable . . . Can you believe I still think Zorro recognizes your voice? That can be possible since you do speak to them when they are so young and it may be engraved in their minds. He came running to the computer when he heard your voice. You are special Amy and so are your puppies!! ~ Rose


01/06/10: The puppies are too cute and I like how you almost narrate what we are seeing. If they are male or female, who is the loud one and who is the sleepy one. Great idea, it really shows off not only the pups but their beautiful mothers!! Question: when the females are caring for their pups they cannot be united or grouped together with their pups, is it because they will fight? I was just curious as I see both are separated with their own pups and appears you do not allow them to mingle. The mothers are very good and gentle with their pups and are still very obedient to you. You can tell they see you as their pack leader.


I was also looking at beautiful Bono or aka Lobo he has grown and turned out to be a lovely dog. Cannot believe he is in Germany. I still do not loose hope of owning a female King and companion for Zorro I can see how happy they are when their is two of them. But those massive holes that they dig in the yard Zorro does that on his own. Why do they dig is it boredom or just being Shepherds? I could not see me without my big butted dog he is my eternal baby!! Thanks again Amy I will be forwarding the U tubes to my job. And by the way I was stopped by two different people in my neighborhood inquiring about Zorro and I gave them your website and shared stories of the wonderful breed. ~ Rose


03/12/10: I love the mini videos, the pups look great. Powder is such a beautiful and good mother. Amazing how protective they can be of their young. zorro03Don't we wish some humans would be as caring and protective of their babies. That Ladia is too much, such an active pup. Are you keeping her? Zorro was listening to the pups whines and his ears were perking up. I know it must be allot of work but as always the pups look so happy and healthy. ~ Rose


03/30/10: Zorro has such a hard life. The most work he has throughout the day is walking to his food bowl. He still loves going to the dog park he chases a dog when he first enters and then is content with watching the other dogs or sniffs them when they walk buy. He is not overweight just solid and just a couch potato. But if the mailman or the FedEx man shows up at the door bless his heart he gets the energy of a thoroughbred. He is an amazing watch dog. Love my dog. ~ Rose


03/17/11: Lord Zorro at the dog park, he also weighed in at the vets at a solid 140 pounds. He chased the small dogs as best as he could and then plopped on the ground to take in the sun. He has really turned into a beautiful dog, everyone asks me in disbelief is that a Shepherd and I say yes but a KING Shepherd. He drooled terribly on the ride back so everyone got a shower, YUK!!!!!! ~ Rose [more stuff from the 17th on the following page]




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