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holly & ivy  

Holly & Ivy

December 2006: Just a quick update on pups. Both are doing well and showing off their distinct personalities!!

The darker one seems much more vocal and prefers all the loving she can get while the lighter is very self assured and laid back. Both are so incredibly smart I think it is going to be a breeze to housetrain!!! We are absolutely thrilled with both of them!!!

Also I wanted to tell you that the girls (Ivy and Holly) are just such a joy!!! This afternoon my husband had them both out on the lawn and what a hoot!!! They were having a case of the puppy crazies and it was hysterical!!!!!! I so wish he'd got it on video tape!! I think you would have loved it!

Again, thanks for such wonderful additions to our family!!! — Annemarie (Vermont, USA)

holly & ivy  
holly & ivy   holly & ivy
February 2007: Holly (on the left) at four and one half months.   holly
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