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hollyhollyMarch 2007: Thought you might like to see how big and beautiful your babies are!!! (Holly at left and right; Ivy below) . . . [Holly] is the “lady” of the group and prefers the easy life to roughhousing with the rest!!(although will let them know when they are crossing her line!!) All are doing extremely well and are just massive, not to mention incredibly healthy! Very intelligent too!! We are sooooo very happy with them. THANK YOU!! . . . [Holly] certainly loves Papa and new toys!!! Ivy is growing so fast and is just wonderful in all aspects. Both are learning the basic commands readily!Very smart girls!! ~ Annemarie, Vermont




Holly hoop

April 2007: Just weighed all the girls in!! Thought you might like to know how big they are getting!!! . . . Holly [is] 60 lbs. and Ivy a very difficult to lift and even heavier to hold 66 lbs!!! ~ Annemarie

May 2007: . . . the girls are doing really well and enjoying all the warm temps and romping and playing in the pasture specifically set up for them. Greta, surprisingly enough is becoming an alpha!!! Puts Holly in her place when Holly tries to be top dog. Ivy still rules though, although with a gentle hand. All are just the sweetest most affectionate pups you could ever ask for! ~ Annemarie




Holly WyattIvy hoopIvy Kiss


Holly & Ivy 1 2 3


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