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konig12/06: Man is [Konig] ever so cute! We can't get enough of him!!! He has been so quiet and really good. He slept through the night the last two nights just fine. The first night he peed in his bed. I thought konighe would wine to get up to go, but he didn't. So, last night I got up around 2 and took him. He did well the rest of the night.

He is eating fine, playing well and trying SO HARD to get the cats to like him!! It is so cute with his chin on the ground whining at them to play! . . . I took him around on the leash yesterday for about 10 min. He did very well. He is already coming when I say come and responding to his name. Every time he comes he sits without me asking!! WOW! I hope it will continue to be this easy. HA! His only “bad” trait is the puppy biting, but that it to be expected. Those puppy teeth are sharp little buggers! . . .

My son thanked us for getting him! He really just warms the heart. You were right, he is just so sweet. Quiet too. He barked 3 times yesterday for the first time. We of course clapped! HA! I guess we need to watch what we get excited about! — Sue, UP Michigan


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