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konig04/07: Konig is still totally adorable. We just love him! He is really so mellow for a puppy. He gets hyper every once in a while, but even that is relative. He is no where near a lab hyper, but just Konig hyper :) HA! He loves to play ball and is now dropping the ball at my feet almost every time. He is a bit crazy when he wants to play in the house, but even that is beginning to slow a bit . . .

[This photo] of me holding him [is] last month at about 40 lbs! UGH! He is getting heavy. The one in the snow is the latest (2 weeks old).His ears are great except for a little flop on occasion on the right ear. We have decided to leave it as it gives him character :) When he is ready and alert you can't tell at all. They stand straight up! ~ Sue





powder and brokonig



07/07: AAKS NOTE: Konig's family visited Konig's dam, sire and sister at Amy's Acres. Konig is a handsome guy, and he and Powder (far right) had a great time. It was wonderful to see him. What a nice boy! ~




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