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10/07: We [got a little terrier and] . . . Konig can't stop following her around and he is trying his hardest to tell her that he is boss, but he lost out! HA! She is a tough cookie that is for sure. She won't give him an inch. He seems to enjoy running around outside with her and I left them alone today in the back yard while we were at church and they didn't seem any worse for the wear when we got home. I will have to ask my neighbors if they barked the whole time!! But they are having fun and getting rid of quite a lot of energy. Konig is SO GOOD with other dogs, always has been.

[The little terrier] is cute. Her name is Cricket. . . and the kids adore her. I like her too, but I have discovered, as I looked at many other dogs to adopt, that I like the BIG FLUFFY ones the best. Konig will always be the one for me. [Cricket] will be a good addition though . . . It is still the early, so I am sure she will grow in my heart as the days wear on.

She just was miserable in that kennel and I felt so badly for her. She hopped right into our car and fell asleep on my girl's lap. She was so happy to be with people. When she is in the midst of it all, she is quiet and calm. Away from us she is hyper and loud! HA! Konig is not quite the opposite, but he likes his quiet time. Last night when I kenneled them both and she was yapping away, he was sitting up looking at me like "Can you shut her up! I am trying to sleep!!HA!" It will take some time.

It is [Konig's] birthday today!!! 1 year old! Can you believe it?? Konig got a dog for his first birthday! ~ Sue


06/13/08: Konig continues to be a great dog. We just love him so. He is still only around 80 lbs, so I guess that is where he will stay. VERY tall though and so bushy that he appears well over 100. We got a cat this winter and he wants so badly to play with it, but the cat is like NO WAY! They are becoming better at being around each other, but I don't know if the cat will every trust him. Every time the cat is lying on the chair (which is often!) , Konig puts his chin on the ground and butt in the air and barks! SCARES the cat to death! Not the greatest way to make friends. But in dog language that means "PLAY WITH ME!" I keep reading your web page. So many new puppies and they are all so cute. Great job you are doing . . . Not much else new. Thanks for letting us know about the Rarities show. I hope you all do well. ~ Blessings, Sue

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