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Rooster Daley

December 2006: Everything is going great with c. (Yes, that’s his name. In the South, apparently one name’s not good enough. . . ) He’s growing like crazy! He weighed a full pound more the Wednesday after we picked him up than he did when you weighed him that Sunday. And we both swear that he gets bigger every minute. At this point, he’s really too big to pick up and carry as he’s so long-legged and a total wiggle-worm . . . We’ve started working on commands with him, some of which he gets (sit, stay, come), and some of which he doesn’t (no bite, no pee in the house, no eat the other dog’s food when we’re not looking). He goes out walking with Aslyn every morning and every afternoon and it’s clear to us that he’s very smart. It took Aslyn a bit of time to warm up to Rooster — she was used to being a single dog — but now there’s never a dull moment. The two of them play constantly. I’ve already started developing a strategy for protecting breakable items around the house after they knocked the bottom row of ornaments off the Christmas tree last weekend. They're hilarious together and we love all the racket! . . .

Rooster is definitely a breakfast dog — he eats like he’s never been fed when he wakes up! He’s also started doing a little dance in the kitchen while I prepare his food. It’s adorable. — Liz

January 2007: Hi there! Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the “little” guy. He’s not so little — just shy of 35 lbs! I’m not ashamed to say that he’s too heavy and wiggly for me to pick up. He’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful dog. We love him so much and Ben wants about 6 more. ( I told him we would have to live in the garage and give the dogs the house if he wanted that!)

At any rate, Rooster Daley is fabulous and we hope you’re doing well, too. The new pups look so cute - congrats! Take care, Liz


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