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Rooster Daley

March 2007: All is well with RD and the rest of the family. Let us know when you'll be down here in TN - I have a feeling that you’ll want to see Rooster firsthand. He’s a very special dog. The gentleman that called you was roosterin our puppy class and he absolutely LOVED hanging out with Rooster. He wasn’t alone - Rooster continues to get more and more attention every day. In fact, I’ve never seen one dog get more attention in my entire life. He’s extremely well-socialized and weighs over 70lbs (if not roostermore - he’s already bigger than Asyln, and she's 80lbs.) In short, he’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

We went ahead and pinned his ears as they werent standing up on their own and the worry of it not happening was worrying Ben to death, as they say in the South. So now and for the past few weeks hes been our little “Tee-Pee Head” (hilarious). He is a naturally funny guy on top of his special hairdo, though. His personality has become so loving and hes just full of fun and jokes all the time. Hes very verbal roosterand enjoys testing the boundaries of his puppiness all the time (Especially likes to see how much he can get away with by being cute!) We call him “Wookie” because he sound just like Chewbacca when he talks to us - which he does almost all the time.

Another thing - wearing him out is nearly impossible. He has what my mother would call a hole in his foot and ants in his pants. He just cantrooster eat or jump around enough. Lately, weve been working on teaching him to jump ONTO things (couch, bed, car floor), instead of his preferred method, which is more like jumping into the face or groin of the unwitting party sitting on the couch, on the bed, in the car, etc. He seems to be getting it, more or less. Ben is pleased that hes also developing an assertiveness and protectiveness for both of us.

It's so hard to believe hes already 5 months and only 5 months at the same time (well, I guess hes nearing 6 months now). We just couldnt be happier with him! [Here] are some pictures from his graduation (they had to order him a special hat b/c his heads so big!) and from him “helping” me with the laundry one day about a month or so ago. — Liz

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