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Rooster Daley

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06/23/08: Ben has been deployed now for about nine months. He should be home by Christmas, and possibly by rooster01Thanksgiving, but no guarantees. He's been taking on some different duties over there and says that the time is going by quickly, but both of us are anxious for this tour to be over.

Rooster is a big, handsome boy these days and is doing his part to be both protector and comic relief around the old homestead. I had some serious behavior issues with him when Ben left initially, but found a great trainer who got him straightened out. He's hovering just under the 100 lb. mark, which is surprising since we thought he'd be bigger at this point. He loves to play and rooster41isn't all that interested in food, though, so maybe he just needs more time and enticement.

We just love our Rooster Daley. He's becoming such a good dog. His puppy phase was a lot of work, but now that he's chilled out a little he's easier to live with and I can see what a remarkable breed the KS is.

Unfortunately, his ears remain... entertaining. His right ear still refuses to stand up. So, he's got one floppy ear. Ben's still having a hard time accepting that we can't ever have Rooster puppies, but he's adjusting to the idea gradually. We did all we could to make it happen, but I guess it just wasn't in RD's physical makeup. I know it's a little thing relative to all the other problems in the world, but we've been a little sad about it and disappointed that our best efforts failed. Ben would still like to explore surgery, but I'm against it. Likely we won't do anything except to get Roostie neutered sometime early next year when Ben's finally home. At any rate, I've attached a couple of photos of Rooster so you can see how cute he is. ~ Take care, Liz

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