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04/30/08: Tuco is doing very well and his personality continues to develop and get more complex.  I’ve had animals and been around animals of all different types all my life and I’ve never known one with a tucopersonality as multifaceted as his.  He’s both extremely intelligent and a total screwball.  Often at the same time.  He knows just how to antagonize each person in the house and does different things to each of us.  He knows just how far he can push each person before he gets in real trouble.  It truly is like having another kid in the house.  He’s doing well with agility and has completed his 4th level of training.  The only obstacle he hasn’t worked with yet is the weave poles but he’s pretty much mastered all the others.  The 2 biggest challenges he’s had with it is his size – all the equipment is regulation size but he still has to almost crawl to go through the tunnel, jumping through the tire is a bit snug and if the hurdles are spaced apart for average sized dogs he’ll try to jump 2 at a time – and his head strong personality.  He’s convinced that he could go through the course quicker if he does it his way.  He’s right but that’s not the point.  He loves obstacles that snowblowerinvolve climbing like the large A frame, dog walk and seesaw.  All the work is done off leash and usually in a group of about 10 dogs and 10 – 15 people.  Other than occasionally being distracted by one particular Australian Shepherd (I have to admit she is pretty attractive and she often instigates him) his commands and recall are excellent.  He really enjoys it though.  When he’s about to run the course he has to sit at the start point and wait for the command.  He’s so excited and anxious his front legs tremble and you can see the frustration on his face until I give him the go command. 


He loves being outside regardless of the weather and he’s always in the middle of whatever we’re doing.  [In the pix at right] you can see him attacking the snow from the snow blower.  Now that spring has finally come he’s found a new hobby in attacking the water from the lawn sprinkler.  Keeps him busy for hours.    He’s extremely family oriented and he’s always with one of us.  The kids take off and play in the woods for hours at a time and he stays right with them always tucokeeping them in sight.  When all 4 of us are out in the fields and we split up he gets a little annoyed by it and constantly goes back and forth between us regardless of the distance.  Must be the shepherd in him wanting to keep the herd together.  Even when we’re all in the house he makes the rounds to keep tabs on where everyone is and what they’re doing.  We couldn’t have asked for a more family oriented dog.


He’s extremely social and loves being with people.  Although his size and expressions can be fairly intimidating – I lost count of the number of construction workers I had to rescue and coax out of their trucks during the build.  He just went to the vet for his annual tune up and the vet was concerned about his weight, considering him extremely too heavy, until he did the actual exam.  Once he realized Tuco wasn’t carrying any fat he told me that he’d never seen a King Shepherd before and was going by the standard GSD chart.  We constantly get compliments about him both for his looks and personality from everyone who sees him.  Although he can be a real handful at times, he’s been a great addition to our family.  He keeps things interesting and entertaining.  ~ Kevin & Lisa


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