02/07: Well, everything went perfectly. No problems with the flight, he arrived right on time. The people in the freight terminal had him in the office when we arrived so he would stay warm. Got a little sick on the ride back home so we’re going to have to work on car rides a bit . . . Gave him a quick bath and he fell asleep while we were drying him off. He woke up for a few minutes to check out the kids when they came home and now he’s out again. A real fireball you sent us. We’re letting him rest up tonight then we’ll hit the pet store in the morning. A long line of friends and family stopping over this weekend to check him out so he’ll have a full weekend.


Haven’t settled on a name yet and now that the kids are offering suggestions we haven’t gotten any closer to deciding. After seeing him we were able to eliminate a few because they just didn’t fit. We’ll settle on one soon. My father has spent the last couple of nights watching old westerns trying to get ideas. He’s a beautiful dog and everyone’s really taken with him. Thanks for all your help and making a long distance event like this very easy. We’ll keep you updated on him, let you know his name soon and if he ever wakes up we’ll take some photos. Thanks again — Kevin (New Hampshire, USA)




03/07: Well, after much debate we settled on “Tuco” as the name for our pup. His personality is carpetbeginning to match the character he was named after, as he’s becoming a bit of a thief, so it seems to be a good fit. I know that we said he was very mellow in our last e-mail to you. Well, that’s all changed now. He loves being outside and even a couple minutes outside gets him all wound up regardless of the weather. He’s very cheweyfamily-oriented and follows us everywhere. The kids pester him constantly and it never bothers him, he has a great personality.


He’s very friendly with anyone that comes over. He made it through his first vet visit with flying colors, he was rated as “ideal” in health and development. He has another appointment this week for his next round of shots. He’s up to 30 pounds now and his ears are starting to stand up better. Especially if he hears the door to the cookie closet open. He can be a real handful at times but overall he’s been very easy to adapt.


Outside of an overwhelming fetish for anything leather he really hasn’t gotten into anything. We haven’t kitchenpuppy-proofed the house as much as we should have and the only casualty was one of my wife’s books. The only real issue we have is snowthat he gets car sick. The vet said this was fairly common for pups and he would grow out of it. In the mean time she gave us some puppy Dramamine for him. He starts puppy boot camp classes this week. Hopefully the weather will let up soon so I can get him out in the woods. He’s a beautiful dog with a very interesting and social personality . . . There’s a mix of pics attached and you can see how much he's changed and grown in the last few weeks. This top picture was taken this morning as well as the one with the chew stick that looks like a cigar . . . You can see how big he's gotten in just a couple of weeks. His paws are absolutely huge at this point. His coat is nice and long and he's stayed pretty dark just as we wanted . . . He’s been a great addition to our family and we want to thank you again for all your assistance. — Kevin & Lisa.


basketkithcen05/07: I just wanted to send you an updated e-mail finally of Tuco with pics of how big he is getting! Kevin and I have been in the middle of moving so things have been very uprooted on this end . . . As you can see from the pics, we have no problems tuco king shepherd littertuco king shepherd puppywith Tuco’s ears at all. They have been upright completely for a little over a month now. He actually needs to grow into them a bit more...But, he really is such a handsome boy! Everyone we run into comments on how handsome he is!


Now, at just a little over 5 months, he is up to 58 lb. He graduated from Puppy Headstart class and has also just finished his Beginner Obedience class. He is the youngest in the class and is doing very well. He loves going to class and seeing and playing with the other dogs. He will start the Advanced class in a few weeks. shirtWe are still working on the car sickness and it is getting better, so that is a plus.


We find it amazing at how well Tuco has adapted to change. With all of our shufflingtucotuco king shepherd pup around recently, he has had no problems. He is so well-natured and laid-back. The kids climb all over him and he has no problems with it at all. His protectiveness is also showing a little as well. He has his playful bark and he has his “you’re a stranger” bark and let me tell you, they are quite different. For as laid back as he can be, he is also extremely alert.


He loves being outside and going for walks, digging holes and his favorite is playing ball. He doesn’t quite have the hang of “fetch” yet, but if you give him a ball, he will occupy himself for quite sometime . . . I really believe we made such a good pick with him. He has made such a wonderful addition to our family! Please keep us informed of all the happenings and latest info! Thanks for everything!! — Lisa & Kevin (New Hampshire, USA)


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