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basketkithcen05/07: I just wanted to send you an updated e-mail finally of Tuco with pics of how big he is getting! Kevin and I have been in the middle of moving so things have been very uprooted on this end . . . As you can see from the pics, we have no problems tuco king shepherd littertuco king shepherd puppywith Tuco’s ears at all. They have been upright completely for a little over a month now. He actually needs to grow into them a bit more...But, he really is such a handsome boy! Everyone we run into comments on how handsome he is!


Now, at just a little over 5 months, he is up to 58 lb. He graduated from Puppy Headstart class and has also just finished his Beginner Obedience class. He is the youngest in the class and is doing very well. He loves going to class and seeing and playing with the other dogs. He will start the Advanced class in a few weeks. shirtWe are still working on the car sickness and it is getting better, so that is a plus.


We find it amazing at how well Tuco has adapted to change. With all of our shufflingtucotuco king shepherd pup around recently, he has had no problems. He is so well-natured and laid-back. The kids climb all toyeover him and he has no problems with it at all. His protectiveness is also showing a little as well. He has his playful bark and he has his “you’re a stranger” bark and let me tell you, they are quite different. For as laid back as he can be, he is also extremely alert.


He loves being outside and going for walks, digging holes and his favorite is playing ball. He doesn’t quite have the hang of “fetch” yet, but if you give him a ball, he will occupy himself for quite sometime . . . I really believe we made such a good pick with him. He has made such a wonderful addition to our family! Please keep us informed of all the happenings and latest info! Thanks for everything!! — Lisa & Kevin (New Hampshire, USA)


08/07: Tuco’s doing very well. We’re still in the process of the build/move . . . So now there’s the 4 of us and a very large puppy living in a 30’ RV. Tuco’s adapted the best of all, the only issue with him being that he has absolutely no concept of how big he is. He likes to sleep under the dinette table but he doesn’t fit anymore and has to struggle to get in there. When he moves and lays down he just sort of drops which shakes the whole trailer…… A lot……. At 2:00 in the morning. Otherwise he’s been great.


He really enjoys the new property, the back yard is 40’ x 260’ long and if there’s a tennis ball involved he can cross the entire thing in just a few seconds. We have 9 acres of woods surrounded by more woods and a game preserve so he gets some off-leash time. There’s also a 70 acre field behind us and he likes tearing around up there. Unless it’s hot he never runs out of energy. He and the kids go exploring in the woods and he’s always tracking something . . . When we’re working over there he makes the rounds and keeps tabs on what everyone’s doing.


He just finished intermediate obedience class. I’m going to take a break before we go into the advanced level. This is his 3rd consecutive obedience class and they’re pretty intense. The last 2 have been competition level classes, not the typical pet level class and he’s done extremely well. I wanted to lighten it up for him so were starting basic agility in two weeks and flyball the week after. (He loves tennis balls, we buy them by the dozen now so flyball should be a big hit.) When those are done we’ll take the advanced obedience. I’ve stayed with the same trainer from the beginning as I like the way she trains and Tuco really likes her. She has an extensive background and she also trains police K-9 and S.A.R. dogs for the area. Needless to say she’s worked with a fair amount of shepherds. She’s told me on several occasions that Tuco has the most even temperament of any dog she’s ever worked with. She frequently uses him to demonstrate things in the classes and she always does one-on-one time with him after class. He’s definitely the favorite. The place we go to is . They have an indoor gym, indoor pool and a day camp program, so he has a good time there.


look rightHe’s a little over 80 pounds now and a very good looking dog. While his color continues to lighten, that’s now offset for me as some of his tan has started turning red like I wanted. Every class we’ve taken, every where we go, people constantly comment on him. We go for a walk down a dirt road every morning and several of the neighbors stop to talk to him on their way out every day. We couldn’t be happier with him. The kids continue to pester him constantly – especially my daughter, and my father in-law is just as bad but Tuco takes all in stride. We’ll send you some updated pictures [soon]. He’s changed so much in the last month or so. ~ Kevin


09/07: Still busy with house but took a little break this past weekend - at Tuco’s insistence - and happened to have the camera with me so I took a couple of shots of him. Thought I’d send them to you as our last couple of updates to you haven’t had any photos. He’s 93 pounds now. ~ Kevin




12/21/07: We’re finally in the house, still a lot to do and finish but we’re in . . . Tuco’s doing very well and has settled right in. He’s around 112 pounds and I haven’t measured his height lately but he rests his chin on the dining table while sitting on the floor. We just completed the 2nd agility class and he’s done so well that they asked us to be on their team. They compete with other training facilities and clubs in the area. He really likes it and it will keep him busy during the winter months.


The biggest difficulty I’ve had with him in the agility is slowing him down. He takes the 6’ A frame in 2 strides and will take the hurdles 2 at a time if you let him. Everyone else is encouraging their dogs and coaxing them along and I’m yelling whoa. The only other trouble spot was the tunnel, he’s too big. It’s a regulation size tunnel but he has to almost crawl to get through it. He works all off leash and his recall is excellent.


He’s very family oriented and doesn’t roam as I expected he would now that he’s matured. He’s out on his own a lot and rarely on a leash unless we’re out in public. I know I tell you in every email but we’re still so impressed by him, he’s such a great dog. He has such an interesting and multifaceted personality, more so than any dog we’ve known. He’s extremely intelligent and also a complete goof, he’s very protective and challenging to strangers yet the kids treat him like a stuffed toy and he takes it without complaint. He retaliates by taking their stuff, nothing of Lisa’s or mine, just the kids stuff and just things that he knows they’ll miss. It drives them nuts, it’s like having a 3rd kid. Well we hope you have a good holiday and the New Year is good for you and your herd. ~ Kevin & Lisa


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