03/07: . . . the boys went to the vet on Saturday and . . . Bo weighs 25.90 lbs. Bo is around 13 weeks now .. . It will be interesting to see how big [Bo and Nic] are when they are fully grown! Bo is doing really good he is a bit standoffish with strangers but we just reassure him and tell people not to go at him fast. It’s hard to believe he has been with us for only 2 weeks now, you would think by the way him and Nic are that they were always together! . . . Bo is still looking like a little fuzz ball so everyone thinks he is just so cute and fluffy. ~ Noel and family




bobo04/07: Class was on Tuesday and he did good Chris said. The only problem he had was when they had to do pass the puppy, he was okay until he saw Chris paying attention to another dog and not him. Chris said he went bananas until he got him back. He gets like that with Nic and us as well. He sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars, I call him Bobacca. Talk about a little **** sometimes. He is a lot of fun tho'. ~ Noel




07/07: Chris took the boys to get weighed today (see Nic) . . . Bo weighs 73#. Man talk about a couple of mooses!! ~ Noel


( At left and right, Bo at six months of age )







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