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01/05/08: Three photos of Bo, then two of Bo (left) and Nic (right).




nicnic and bo


01/28/08: We had [Nic and Bo] at the vets and . . . Bo weighs 86 pounds. Our vet says they are doing wonderful and their diet that we have them on is good. We are feeding them Natural Choice with Glucosimine and Chrondition. We also give them meat from whatever I make for dinner, actually they get part of the leftovers and man if you skip it the look at you like you are denying them life!! I also give them marrow bones raw and they LOVE those!! ~ Noel


02/02/08: Bo is still our neurotic Bo but we love him, issues and all! He seems to be loosening up a bit, he does not take off when he sees a bag or when I pull the vacum out. He just cautiously looks to see what's going on. I think he will be fine, we don't baby him we just pet him and say good boy. Reassuring him seems to work the best. He is very loyal to us, he does not leave our side. I will walk in a room and even if he is asleep he will jump up to give me lovin's. He is still leery of strangers but that is not necessarily a bad thing. ~ Noel


05/24/08: Bo is weighing in at 87.9 and has adjusted nicely with having Moose here. He seems to have found his backbone and doesn't seem quite as standoffish. He's not socially perfect but really who is? He actually did the best at the vets today. Surprisingly enough he did not freak out when they drew blood for his heartworm test. What a trooper!! ~ Noel


06/19/08: Okay so Bo is camera shy and the pictures really do not do him justice. He is 96 pounds and still growing! You can tell it's Bo by the black spots on his tongue and the red on his head. He is still nervous but like I said before we don't cater to it and we just tell people to let him come to you. Last year he was not a fan of the water and this year we can not keep him out of the pool! ~ Noel




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