AAKS Polar/Windy 12/16/06 Litter Puppy Owners

Angel Bella Bolero Breeze Brutis Goldie Greta Meeka Sheba Samiam Tuco



Photos at left and right were taken in March 2007.

April 2007: Just weighed all the girls in!! Thought you might like to know how big they are getting!!! Greta is 34lbs . . . ~ Annemarie


Grea and WyattMay 2007: Greta, surprisingly enough is becoming an alpha!!! Puts Holly in her place when Holly tries to be top dog. Ivy still rules though, although with a gentle hand. All are just the sweetest most affectionate pups you could ever ask for! ~ Annemarie

August 2007: Thought you might enjoy [a picture of Greta] (photo on the left) "training for the circus" or so that is what my grandson, Wyatt ever so proudly declared!!! [She was] ever so sweet and patient but as you can see no [fool] either . . . Greta very smoothly and quite slyly avoiding the ring (hula hoop). ~ Annemarie

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