05/07: "Sis” is now “Samiam” — “Sam I am! Fore I am what I am” (Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham) is doing great for less than 24 hours. We call her Sam or Sammy. She met the ol’ pup, Mr. Bill and barked up a storm -- great voice! We were all frazzled from the trip so we stayed up for a while with Sam on the wraparound screened-in porch. At bed time we decided we should all sleep on the porch. Paul went to the garage and grabbed the sleeping bags while I got the blankies and pillows from upstairs. When we all hunkered down for the night Sam laid down on the big dog pillow bed that was Doc’s favorite. That brought tears to our eyes -- Doc wanted her to use it and she did. Too cool. This morning when Sam met the cats in the daylight we were amazed at the minimal barks and hisses! The tortoise was Sam’s biggest freak-out there was Ollie slowly and methodically walking towards Sam who’s face said “What in the world is this, this,...?!” We turned Ollie around and put him at his food and that ended that. [Sam] was on a leash and amazingly took to it quickly. With her speed and her thoughts about mom and the rest of you we knew we weren’t going to take a chance of her bolting. She is VERY smart -- her mannerisms, ears, facial expressions, vocals -- again all we can say is too cool. I know it was tough for you -- that’s why you twooneare meant to be a breeder who cares. Please rest assured knowing that we will give her the best life possible --just as you have done and will do for all the pups that you have cared for -- past, present, and future. — Sue & Paul (Illinois, USA)


08/07: Sue & Paul sent new photos. Samiam is/was “yellow collar” pup in the 2006 Polar/Windy litter ”baby pictures” photo galleries, the one that was very shy. Sam now lives in Illinois with her half brother, Boris (from the 2007 Polar/Cilla litter) and her two school teacher owners. ~ AAKS


01/24/08: Happy New Year . . . It's January and Samiam has already celebrated her 1st birthday. She had a great party! . . . Samiam, the meek and timid pup, has found her inner-self - confident of who she is and sharp as a whip! Even though Boris is larger than her now, she can still manipulate him when they play. Boris has learned that his big sister is his soul-mate and plays with the utmost respect — he lets her beat him up! It's way too cool! They both have great verbal skills and constantly “talk” to each other like coyotes and wolves would. They talk to us as well and love the fact that we always talk to them. When we go to the dog park with the two of them off-leash, they get along great with other dogs. At times other dogs get a bit aggressive - when we see this we can call them to our side and they respond immediately! We have gotten many kudos from dog-owners at the park as to how well our “kids” listen. You would not believe the number of people who own shepherds asking us where we got these two intelligent and well-behaved canines. We've told many about King Sheps and Amy's Acres . . . Though we still miss and think of Mr. Bill and Doc constantly, Samiam and Boris are now part of us and we love them dearly. One day we will miss and think of these two — but not yet! We are having WAYYY too much fun with them! . . . ~ Sue and Paul and of course, the rest of the family.





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