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onetwo02/06/08: Hello! We had another snow-day from work today! Had over a foot of snow fall. Samiam and Boris made us take them down to the lake to get their pictures taken during the storm - boy do they LOVE snow (and rain, and mud, and,...!!!).


The kids are both doing great. When we told them about your invite to get together soon they were tickled and definitely want to see all of you as soon as we can. I also included a few other pictures from the cabin . . . And what can we say about Samiam? What a beautiful and classy gal. ~ Paul and Sue!




one02/06/07: Wanted to send this with the last message - oops! Here is a picture of Doc [German Shepherd] and me on the pier that he loved so much! Both Sam and Boris do things that remind us of both of our last pups - we know Doc and Mr. Bill love these two and "show-up" every now-and-then to say “They are keepers!” ~ Sue


04/11/08: Wanted to update you on Boris and Samiam. As you already know, we've told you how the two get along so well with all the dogs they meet at the dog parks. But we've learned more about them lately and how awesome it was and is. Since the thaw we've had lots of rain so when we would go to the dog parks we kept both on their leashes so we could maneuver around the mud pits by the entrances and then release them when we got to higher ground.


Upon entering the park (a week or so ago) there were two dogs that ran towards me and Samiam and Boris - both were still on their leashes. One of the dogs stopped but the Rottweiler picked up speed and headed right towards the three of us. Both Boris and Samiam stopped their walk, back hairs were standing, and both gave a warning "gargle and snarl". This was new to my ears. I politely said NO and LEAVE IT. They responded and gave a bit of slack on the leash. I then quickly called out to the owner - “Please call your dog - mine are great with dogs off the leash but they are not happy right now - they are still on their leashes.” She called to her dog but to no avail - the Rott lunged aggressively at both pups. If it wasn't for them listening to me they could have easily pulled me off balance (I'm a strong Polish gal but two King Shep canines,..!) and then who knows what could have happened.


Both Boris and Samiam followed leaving the owner running up to grab her dog. I finally released both from their leashes - Samiam was the 1st to run up - with tail wagging - to the other dog that hadn't been aggressive. Right then it all changed. Samiam has been the big sister and saving Boris from aggressive males (and sometimes females) - Boris always wants to be loved. But here it was as Sam approached the other dog the Rottie came up fast and aggressive - faster then I could respond. He snarled and bit at Sam. Her quickness and agility easily removed her from harm's way but not without a snarl and growl. I responded to this, yelling at the Rotty and the owner. And then out of no-where Boris was between the Rot and Samiam - stood his ground - went up to the Rot and out came this LOW gargle, growl, upper muzzle as wrinkled as a muzzle can get. You could see every tooth up to and beyond the gum line - and then from the depths of his soul the bark-growl that would shiver your timbers! Stopped me and all that were in close proximity. That Rot had no clue what hit him - he took off right towards his owner. Samiam then suddenly turned towards the Rot (did she think Boris was in trouble - who knows!) and bolted up to him to give him a piece of her mind! I called both and they instantly responded with kisses to each other, tails up and then tail waggies to me. We walked away from the owner and her two dogs like nothing had ever happened. I was stunned and in awe - how awesome these two pups are and what they would do for each other and for Paul and me. YEOW! Sorry so long but had to give you "the whole story". ~ Sue


02/16/09: It has been a long time since we have talked . . . Samiam and Boris are doing GREAT! After we saw you last summer we headed home for a tad and then went on an RV trip to Grand Marais . . . The campsite we stayed at was dog-friendly and right there on Lake Superior. The beach - which went for miles - was also dog-friendly. Though the water was frigid both Samiam and Boris swam and loved

the runs on the beach. Definitely will go back to Grand Marais. The people and all the canines we met were real friendly.



Boris (front) & Sam

At Thanksgiving headed to the cabin for 5 days . . . As you can see from . . . the pics sent the lake froze super early in mid December . . . Samiam has found herself - she actually allows people to pet her and will slowly walk up to strangers who kneel down and call her to say "hello"! She and Boris are the best of buds and best of buds with us. Tell you about it sometime but we found out that Boris and Sam howl. So one day we decided to see if we could all howl together as a pack - Yes! Yes! So now once a week we all huddle together and "talk to each other" - Paul and I start and then Boris jumps in with Samiam quickly behind with a wonderfully high-pitched howl. We all laugh and smile afterwards. ~ Sue


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