bella08/07: Sorry it took so long to get these pics to you . . . It feels to me like Bella has always been with us. She has developed such a powerful bond with the children, and she and I seem to communicate easily with a mere look or body language. She is SUPER intelligent.


At her puppy wellness visit with the vet, she weighed in at 60.5 lbs. I weighed her again at home at age seven and a half months and she was an even 75 lbs! I also measured her at the front shoulder at 24 and a quarter inches.


I am very pleased to tell you that she is also a blue ribbon recipient! Bella attended the Cause For Critters pet show held to raise money for a CPR animal mannequin for the Fire Department. Jade and her cat, “Candi” also attended with us. A lot happened that night. Bella who was starting to show aggression toward other dogs ( yes I am talking about your Bella! I know! crazy!) was taken to the show for “socialization”. She began to growl at the first dog she saw and I calmly said “No, Bella, be swimnice” and gave her a scratch on the head. Well! That's all it took! 48 animals were registered at the show which was held in a very small parking lot, including dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits! Bella remained calm for the entire event ( lasting 3 hours). She didn't approach other dogs but they did her and she behaved perfectly!


“Candi” [Jade's cat] had not let Bella near her at home at this point fancyand was absolutely terrified at the show. She clung to Bella for protection and Bella happily obliged! The newspaper photographer took tons of pictures of the two of them cuddling together( a new bond formed! yah!) Bella won first prize for “Most Obedient Pet”and first prize for “Longest Tail” (lol), and got her picture on page 2 of the lakenewspaper. Jade and “Candi” also won 2 blue ribbons and a red one.


We have been busy teaching [Bella] commands and tricks. She did not always obey in the first couple of weeks. She will now come, sit, stay, fetch, give, and go to bed on command. (Her bed is in the corner of our living room and at times we need her out of the way we send her there). She will shake a paw, lie down, and sometimes speak on command. We are going to master all these before moving on to more. Obedience classes have not started yet but I'm looking forward to them.


We chose the name Amy's Acres Summer of Bella, keeping Bella as her call name of course. She arrived here on the first day of summer, and you may recall it was important to me to have the summer vacation to spend with our new dog, leading us to the purchase of Bella. I felt the name fit.


She is a darling dog. She is big beautiful and always polite! I know it was hard for you letting her go after raising her for six months, but Amy, if only you could see her with my human children! They are one with her! We love her! ~ Angie, Ken, Morgan & Jade (Alberta, Canada)




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