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01/04/08: Here are a few [photos] from [last] September . . .




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[And here] are some [recent] photos and a short video of Bella and Jade (2.2MB). I have another video that was taken on her birthday of her playing fetch, but it is too large to e-mail. ( I will look for a video sharing site online and try to get it to you). Bella weighed 78lb two weeks before her birthday. She is 25-1/2 inches at the whither. I am thinking this is on the small side. She had her first heat late Nov. to mid Dec. ~ Angie




05/03/06: Bella's owner says she is now 80.2lbs and around 26" at the shoulder. ~ AAKS


07/26/08: I felt I had to write you further about Bella and her progress. Last night when Kenny got home from work he and I went out into the backyard as is our custom to catch up on each others day. Bella had been in the house so I went and let her out with us. She ran straight up to Kenny with her tail wagging and licked him and rubbed her head all over his legs and chest! She was so happy to see him! This treatment from her is something that up until last night only I had experienced and I was left feeling a little bit jealous and a whole lot happy for both Ken and Bella. It brought tears to my eyes it was so emotional for me. Kenny then initiated a teasing chasing kind of play with her and she was thrilled! I contribute this to the help and advice we received from Russ Rathy. Ken and I both agree he was well worth the money.

He allowed Ken to be firm and even a bit aggressive toward Bella ( which we believed would traumatize her), he has also taken a bigger role in her care such as feeding. She is no longer allowed to sleep on the same floor of the house as we do, we never play with her because she brought us an item to throw — we supply the toys and take them back when we choose. All of these things has established Ken as 'Alpha', me his 'mate'( alpha female), our kids of course become next in rank. Russ said having this order would make her feel more secure, she would be able to relax with someone else at the helm, and I am beginning to see the results.


Basically we are now raising the dogs the way we always used to in the past. We are treating them more like the dogs that they are and less like equals. No more pampered pooches in this household! Everybody works for their supper now. Unfortunately Bella's unique personality threw us for a loop and we chose to do things differently, eventually becoming completely confused and critical of ourselves. ~ Angie


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