May 2007: Max is doing very well, the trip home was good he slept a lot with no problems, he does stairs very well and is getting to be very vocal. He likes cheese! — Paul & Gwendolyn (Minnesota, USA)


September 2007: . . . as of today [Max's] weight is 60#, his coat is getting long and his tail is getting bushy. I just measured his chest, from shoulder to shoulder is about 9". He has been to puppy school and will start level one obedience training in mid September. He is VERY smart and FOOD motivated when it comes to learning. He is very alert to his surroundings and is eager to explore. On the trip home he was great; he slept a lot and was no trouble at all, he is a Great puppy and will be a very fine dog! ~ Paul & Gwen






03/24/08: We picked the blue collar male and named him Max. He is sooo adorable; we love him very much. He is such a delight and makes us laugh every day, several times a day. He is very smart and alert, and loves being outside and playing in the snow. Right now he weighs about 90 lbs., although his weight has plateaued over the past few months. He is about 28" from the toes to his shoulder. His coat is very shiny, fluffy and long; he is so beautiful! He goes with Paul almost everywhere, and is rarely left alone. We bought a Caravan and it's his second home. He rides very well, either napping or looking out the windows. We were so amazed how easy it was to bring him home. He behaved so well, and at one time he laid down in his water dish (thankfully it was empty at the time)! [Our vets] were very impressed with all of the preparation you did for Max. He has passed 2 puppy orientation classes there and did pretty well. We found out he is very food and treat motivated for training! He is up to date on all of his vaccinations. We thank you so much for letting him into our lives. We will cherish him forever. Thanks for everything, Amy! ~ Gwen


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