08/07: We have been on a crazy summer vacation - cabin and then doing the RV trip out west and south and north, etc. Sam[an AAKS Windy/Polar puppy] and Boris love the RV life - they are SUPER! Sam and Boris are best buds! [Here are some] from the cabin and our trip in the RV . Lots to come later 'fore we have to get home to get ready to go back to,.....WORK! Waaa! . . . ~ Paul


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01/24/08: . . . It's January and . . . Boris is 10 months old and is a slim, trim 100+ lbs. who thinks he still is a tiny-tot. Ha! [Boris and Samiam] are doing well. Pictures [below] are from Thanksgiving and Christmas break - both at the cabin in [Michigan]. . . . Even though Boris is larger than [Sam] now, she can still manipulate him when they play. Boris has learned that his big sister is his soul-mate and plays with the utmost respect - he lets her beat him up! It's way too cool! They both have great verbal skills and constantly “talk” to each other like coyotes and wolves would. They talk to us as well and love the fact that we always talk to them. When we go to the dog park with the two of them off-leash, they get along great with other dogs. At times other dogs get a bit aggressive — when we see this we can call them to our side and they respond immediately! We have gotten many kudos from dog-owners at the park as to how well our ”“kids” listen. You would not believe the number of people who own shepherds asking us where we got these two intelligent and well-behaved canines. We've told many about King Sheps and Amy's Acres . . . Though we still miss and think of Mr. Bill and Doc constantly, Samiam and Boris are now part of us and we love them dearly. One day we will miss and think of these two — but not yet! We are having WAYYY too much fun with them! ~ Sue and Paul and of course, the rest of the family.


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