09/07: I'm still old school. I don't have a digital camera yet but I wanted to send these to you. Jack is 6 months old here. He's 70 pounds. He's becoming a great dog and a buddy. I'm very glad we went with you on this breed. He's very smart, I'm trying to teach him his right and left. As you can see, he's beautiful. He goes after Sam our kitten all the time but they are becoming good friends. His left ear is still not all the way up all the time, but it's getting better. Thanks again, we love him. I've sent a couple of people your way, I hope they called. ~ Tom and Susan


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03/19/08: I just thought I would write and tell you about Jack. He is doing great, he is the perfect dog that I was looking for when I called you. He is at my side at all times, he listens to every command I give.He no longer does any biting like he used to do when he was a pup. Unless we are fighting with each other. He is great with people, fine with other dogs. He truly is a wonderful friend and pet. Loves going for rides, walks, runs in the park. I can't wait to take him on my canoe this year, I'm not worried though, it's 21 feet long and very stable. Jack is about 85-90 lbs now. I run him a lot so I don't want him to get too heavy. He's a beautiful dog, very regal, mostly when he's running around with his head held high and a stick in his mouth. His favorite thing to do. We were outside cutting some trees down, he stayed with me for about 4 hours grabbing every one he could get his mouth on. Amy, thanks again, we're so happy with him . . . we love him and can't imagine our lives without him. ~ Tom

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