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nitro08/07: . . . I haven't taken any [pictures] outside because it's been raining...and will be raining...for days. This is Nitro [at left] on his 5-nitro 2month birthday at 72 pounds! I wonder what he would of weighed if he hadn't lost weight [you can see how big he is getting; he's on a king-size bed!] . . . [Some of] the pictures are a little deceiving because they make it look like Nitro is a calm dog. The only one that shows his true personality is when he is on the bed with his front legs spread and biting the blanket [see the photo on the right]. Now that's Nitro 24/7!. . . . The watch/guard dog has been coming out of him lately. My father always comments on what a good dog he is going to be when he gets older and my mother always says what a handsome dog he is. Rick thinks he should get a job in a big corporation (maybe in Washington DC) as a paper shredder. He can have a piece of paper shredded into a hundred pieces before you can blink your eyes! ~ Gina


handsome calm chewing
Aren't I handsome? Nitro is calm like this for the first 5 minutes after he wakes up. You better get your cuddling in then because all heck is about to break loose! Chewing on a bone.


chops baby boy eyes
Licking his chops as he looks at me I must look like a leg of lamb to him! My baby boy :-) Oh puleeze . . . You can't fool me with those eyes.


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