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09/07: Well, here are more pictures (above and below). [Nitro'll] be six months tomorrow . . . we took him today to get weighed and took some more pictures. Today he weighed.........................are you ready?.................89 pounds! A few more pounds than I had guessed. We should have named him "Hollywood" because he gets so much attention. ~ Gina & Rick


05 02 06
Remember when??? Nitro at 8 weeks old.

Gesundheit! Caught him before he sneezed! This picture just makes me laugh.

You can see how tall he is next to Rick, who is 6' 3".


09/07: Gina's slide show starring Nitro (Note: This links to a third-party photo sharing site.)


11/07: Congratulations on your [new litter]. I'd love to see pictures of them if you have some. (We're not in the market for a puppy, I would just like to see them.) Nitro is as bad as always. : ) I should send you a picture I took of him last night after he shredded a sale catalog all over the living room! I never thought I could like a dog as bad as he is, as much as I do. Several people have said that he looks like he is always looking for trouble to get into and they're right. Rick was laying on the bed the other day taking a nap and Nitro jumped on the bed, bit him on his scalp and then ran away! One thing about him that we think is so unique is that he talks constantly. It's not a bark and it's not a whine. I was trying to get him to say "mama" the other day. I'm going to have to work on that with him. If any dog could do it, he can. He is just this big, overgrown baby. Rick might take him to get weighed today (he turned 8 months old the day before yesterday). He's getting tall, too. I know he is over 29 inches already . . . Rick just called and said Nitro weighs 107 pounds at 8 months. Looks like he is finally slowing down. We definitely want to have you see Nitro again in person some day. His personality cannot be described or seen in pictures. You have to be around him to appreciate it, especially if you like dogs with spirit. ~ Gina



11/07: (Photo at left) Does he look like he's laughing at me??? ~ Gina


12/17/07: Nitro weighs 111 pounds today (at 9 mos.). So he has definitely slowed down gaining weight. He hasn't been eating as much as he used to either. Rick tried to measure him at his shoulder blades. He said he is between 31 and 31 1/2 inches. I'm going to try to measure him tonight when I get home. Of course, the problem with Nitro is that he doesn't know how to stand still. I'll let you know if I get a different measurement. ~ Gina


01/31/08: Nitro is 115 pounds at 10½ months. (Forgot to weigh him when he turned 10.) ~ Gina


02/01/08: I can’t wait for you to see [Nitro] again—hopefully this summer. That dog has certainly cost me a lot of money. (I’m talking about all of the things I’ve had to replace because he chews everything up!) But I would do anything for that dog. I’m not sure that I could relive the first six months that we had him, but I’ll do anything else for him! He is turning into such a good boy.


I forgot to tell you about the time Nitro had a burst of energy and was running full-speed around the living room, over and over again. Unknown to us, Brittney decided she was going to stop him. So at the last minute she stepped in front of him. The only way I can describe what happened next is to ask you if you’ve ever seen the “running of the bulls” in Spain? Well, if you have, that is exactly what it looked like. His head went into her stomach, she folded in half, and flew across the room. We thought we were going to have to take her to the ER, but she was only a little dazed. I asked her, “What were you thinking?” She said she wanted to stop him. I asked her if she realized Nitro weighed more than twice as much as she did? (What was I thinking, she’s only 8.) Now, she makes sure she is up on the couch when he starts to run like that.


Rick brought Nitro with him yesterday when he picked me up from work. He said that two deer ran out in front of him while driving. Nitro went absolutely crazy. He showed his teeth—which he has never done before—and wanted to tear them up. Yet, when I had him outside to go to the bathroom one morning, a bunny ran out in front of him. I held on to his leash so tight, expecting him to take off after it. He never even flinched, he just watched it hop by. So we have figured out two animals Nitro does not like: cows and deer. He has been fine with everything else. Wouldn’t you just love to know what goes through their minds? ~ Gina



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