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03/07/08: Just wanted to share another story of “Life with Nitro!” We were headed east on the PA Turnpike . . . Just after Rick was pulled over for speeding!!!, we pulled over again to see if Nitro had to go to the bathroom. Rick walked him around for awhile and then everyone settled back into the van. Before he pulled out, he noticed the “door-a-jar” warning. I pushed the overhead button for the sliding door…thinking it would latch shut. Instead, it opened up. As soon as it started to open, Nitro bolted from the van and ran right onto the turnpike. From that point, everything was in slow motion to me. Rick jumped out of the driver’s seat as Nitro was heading towards the other side of the highway. He screamed Nitro’s name at the top of his lungs and then Nitro stopped — standing in the middle of the road looking at Rick. Rick ran to him, picked up his leash and pulled him off the road. As soon as they got to the side of the road, all the traffic started whizzing by again. It was as if the world stopped for that time and then started up again when they were safe. Someone was definitely watching over him because three things happened that never happen. First, Nitro never stops when you call him nitro— he just keeps running away. Second, if you go towards him to get him, he takes off running. And third, there is never a break in traffic on the turnpike when you need one. Rick was so shook up with thoughts of Nitro being mangled by a semi that I had to finish driving the rest of the trip. There is never a dull moment with Nitro. ~ Gina


03/19/08: Gina says Nitro weighed 122 pounds today, his 1st birthday! ~ AAKS


06/30/08: Here’s a picture of the big boy watching TV. ~ Gina


06/03/09: Here are some recent pictures for you. Nitro is about 26 months old in the pictures. (We had him weighed a couple months ago and he was just over 130 pounds then). Kimba is about 14 months old in [the center picture with him]. (We had her weighed with him, and she weighed 85 pounds) The last picture of Nitro is of him with his head in Kimba’s food bowl on our bed! He was sleeping that way, but as soon as I walked in the room with the camera, he opened his eyes. He has done that a couple times, and I finally was able to get my camera before he moved. [The center picture is] of Rick making his lunch and the “kids” waiting patiently for lunch meat. ~ Gina




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