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rain01rain0209/13/09: Rain is adjusting extremely well to her new environment. She is bonding very well to me and that has happened remarkably quickly. I took her to the vet on Thursday, and she weighed in at 80 pounds which is 13 pounds lighter than when she left California. The doctor said a few more pounds wouldn’t do her a bit of harm. But she is so active I don’t know if it will be possible to get some more weight on her. She loves to play, and loves all the attention that she gets, not to mention a whole bunch of toys that she can now declare as her own.


rain03I took some pictures of her and was trying to get a good portrait of her for her ID badge for the dog team with the Indiana Department of Mental Health. Got a couple that are just gorgeous. I am also including a couple of pictures of her playing in the Tippecanoe River with one of her new toys.


She is turning out to be a fantastic new addition to my family. She absolutely loves her new bed, which is my bed. ~ Bert


10/15/09: Rain has now been with me for just over a month. And she is absolutely marvelous and has done wonders for Cassy my 13 year old. Cassy is now a lot more active and playing with Rain. Rain made her first appearance with the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction on October 4th. She worked with a team of five other dogs and their handlers as a sponsoring agent for a huge blessing of animals up in Mishawaka. She got along extremely well working with the other dogs, as I knew she would. There was a picture of her in the local Catholic newspaper up in Mishawaka, but I have not seen the picture as of yet. They were also supposed to send me some digital pictures, but that hasn’t happened as of yet. She has also made a couple of appearances at the local nursing home . . . I will continue to keep you informed on the use of her training. ~ Bert


01/26/10: Rain is doing very well, totally bonded to me and she loves to work, whether that be Hospice patients, nursing home patients or as a member of the “K9 Assisted Crisis Response Team” for the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction. Two weeks ago we were called out to help with the Wake Service for a Police Officer and his Police Dog that were killed in the line of duty up in Mishawaka, Indiana.


At the Wake Service, Rain and I worked the line going into the Wake Service for almost eight hours. There was an hour and a half wait in the line, and Rain’s job was to let anyone and everyone pet her and in turn she gave out hundreds of wet kisses.


When we met the family of the fallen officer, we offered our condolences, and we also talked about how hard it was to loose the other member of their family, “Ricky” the German Shepherd police dog, who was also a very spoiled member of their family. Then we let four or five the little nephews and nieces gang up on Rain, which Rain thoroughly enjoyed and gave them all big wet kisses.


P.S. Later on this week I will be taking some new pictures of Rain, trying to get her to hold her ears up better. If they come out better I will send a couple of them on to you.

~ Bert






01/27/10: New and improved pictures of Rain (left and right). It is amazing what a new squeaky toy can do when you want to take pictures. ~ Bert







02/11/10: [Here] is TV video clip from January 14, 2010 when Rain and I were working the death of a Mishawaka police officer and his police K-9 named “Ricky”. It also explains what our “K-9 Assisted Crises Response Team” is all about. Rain and I are at the end of the 2-½ minute clip. ~ Fr. Bert


caseystamp02/18/10: [At left] is the design for Rain’s postage stamp, I will send you the real thing once I get some more in. Also [at right] is a picture of Cassy, Rain’s new buddy. Cassy is now 13 ½ years old, but Rain keeps her very active and young, she still likes to go outside and play with her bowling ball. But Rain now also has her into squeaky toys, kongs, and stuffed animals which don’t last very long with her, she likes to rip off the ears. Also, probably within a year I will be looking for a new dog to also be a part of the “K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team”. A nice mild mannered puppy that I can train well. ~ Bert



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