06/07: We have named her Shyla, and she is doing great. She has settled in very comfortably and is enjoying being spoiled. The first 2 days you could tell that she was missing the gang, but she seems very happy now. You were right about her personality, she is a funny little puppy, and very interested in everything. I took her to the vet and got her the booster she needed as well as heartworm, fleas, ticks etc. and we have another appointment in a few weeks . . . it seems everyone loves her, and she seems to thrive with the more people that are around. Very cute. Thanks again, Amy, I will send a few pictures soon. —ShylaScott (Ontario, Canada)


08/07: Shyla is doing great. She is a very happy puppy. She gets long walks and swims everyday . . .She seems very happy. We never tie her up or crate her, and she is great with it. She is very intelligent and obedient for a puppy. You were right about her outstanding character, everyone loves her, and she loves the attention. The last trip to the vets 3 weeks ago, she weighed in at 42 lbs. . . . I will send pictures next time. I haven't had time to get them off the camera. ~ Scott


10/07: Most of these pictures (right and below) were taken in June . . . I think it would be best for me to wait until the spring time [to get another King Shepherd puppy]. It will give Shyla some more time to mature (she's so funny, but sometimes a bit of a brute with other pups, lol), as well as a nicer climate for a little one - being from the north as well I know you can relate to our crappy winters . . . I would love to get a male, I think that Shyla would love a little buddy . . . keep me posted on the spring litters. ~ Scott


04/12/08: Here are some pictures of Syla at around 10 - 12 months old. At almost 13 months she is 84 lbs, and 25 - 26' in height at the shoulder. ~ Scott




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