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12/07: Simba's first Christmas with his adoptive family.



10 month old Simba with Bryndan & the training instructor. (Simba is standing with an adult GSD.)   Simba at Beginner Education Graduation. The whole family (even Grandmom!) were there.   Simba's Beginner Education Graduation Certificate


02/14/08: Thank you for your thoughts about Simba! I feel much better knowing that you think he is doing well! ! ! Yesterday and today, Bryndan was home from school sick with the flu. Simba came right in and laid down right up against the couch where Bryndan was lying down. Bryndan was able to lie on his side and reach down and rub Simba every once in a while. You could sure tell that Simba was right there for Bryndan! Simba is outside right now playing with Barkley and Holly. I can look out and see them running in the side yard. They seem to have this wonderful game of tag that they do. They actually take turns being the "aggressive chaser" and the "one being chased". It is so cute! I wish the kids at school played this well together! ~ Abbie


03/03/08: I just checked your web site. I love the pictures of Simba that you updated! Simba is doing, well! He will be going to a 4-H event . . . where they have a cross representation of all of the activities/animal projects that are offered. It is to get children excited about 4-H. Simba is one of 3 dogs from our club (of 18 dogs) that were asked to attend. The advisor wanted dogs that were SOCIALIZED and could do 1-2 training commands. However, we are expected to get 8-12 inches of snow . . . If we get 3 inches, everything is shut down here for at least a day! So, we'll have to see if we end up going… ~ Abbie


03/1/08: Well, what can I say… Simba is doing well and is such a sweet dog. Between sports (football, basketball, cheerleading, tennis), Horse Shows, Cattle Shows, 4-H, etc. we have A LOT of people coming and going at our house. As you are well aware, our biggest concern was to have a dog that would be a great family dog/protector, but be accepting and friendly to all of our friends/family. Well, Simba is exactly what we were looking for. He lets us know whenever a stray animal is around, and barks when people start down our l o n g …driveway. When people actually start to get out, Simba will stand back and look at “new” people, sniff the air, and then look at us. As soon as he sees that we are alright with who is there, then he goes right up to them, wiggles his tail, and expects to be rubbed. If it happens to be someone that he has met before, then he greets them at their car door with his tail wagging, and expecting a rub or pat on the head!. Simba will be turning 1 year old on March 18, 2008, (the 10th anniversary of my Father's death).


Simba is definitely a beautiful dog, inside and out! Every time we take him out, people comment on what a beautiful animal he is. Most people keep their distance until I tell them that Simba is a King Shepherd, and that their breeding has made for more stable and gentler personalities. Once I say that, then everyone wants to pet him! Of course Simba loves the petting and attention, too!


Tomorrow Simba will get an extra large bone from the butcher's shop, since it is his Birthday. Thanks again for breeding such a fine animal! Anyone in SW Ohio that would like to see a King Shepherd, is more than welcome to come and see Simba! ~ Abbie


05/21/09: We realize that we never noted Simba's owner says she completed the Canine Good Citizen program. ~ AAKS


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