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08/07: Here are some more pictures . . . you can see she resembles her mom. Her back is getting very pretty, it has brindle color mixed in with the black and then is solid black on the sides. We've had a busy summer and hope that things quiet down to a routine now. ~ Lynn


tully 1tully 1tully 1



10/07: Tully is doing better with her eating most of the time. She is starting to gain, weighed in at 60 lbs last week. She is enjoying school and doing very well. And of course the best looking dog in the group. She is so quick to catch on. ~ Lynn


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01/24/08: Happy New Year! I don't think Tully's lump has changed in size since we found it. It certainly hasn't affected her in anyway that I have noticed. She is a very happy dog. She carries a toy around all day wanting to play and goes everywhere Bro goes in the truck. Our only problem is her lack of interest in eating. I have to have her taste the food from my hand before she gets interested and eats. Many days, it is evening before she shows an interest. She is so smart about some things and so dumb about eating. However she is not too thin. She's quite large. I intend to go weigh her soon, curious!


We go to school tonight (classes are Tues & Thurs. one hour). There are 3 other shepherds in the class plus several other dogs, usually about 6 or 8 of us.


Any tips about eating? I feed her a variety. Innova, dry and/or canned. The Satin ball recipe and or tullycottage cheese . And a chicken roll that I get at dog school that I cut into little pieces & add sometimes. She retches occasionally ( not related to eating) and spits up small amounts of liquid and or something she has eaten. She is for ever stealing scraps of fabric from my sewing room waste basket. She's a pip! And Bro is bragging about her . . . ~ Lynn


02/24/08: This is . . . Tully at dog school (left). She is doing quite well. She likes the other dogs and wants to play all the time. But she catches on quickly. She weighed 75 pounds about 2 weeks ago. She's eating ok but sometimes needs to be hand fed to get her started. One of the men at dog school is always commenting what a happy dog she is. She really is a joy and my husband had a bad year but is finally feeling good, takes her with him all the time. She is trained to stay in our yard, loose. By the way, the beagle that won Best of Show at Westminster [“Numero Uno”] was trained at the school where we go with Tully. ~ Lynn


04/16/08: Tully is going great. She still has eating issues and strains to have a b.m., but she is a very happy dog. Bro says she is the most affectionate dog he's ever had. I think she weighs about 75 pounds. She would probably be 10 pounds heavier if she ate every day like she does some days. She is to me, the smartest dog in her training class. She is so alert and doesn't miss a thing. Some days in class she is such a puppy and tries to play with the other dogs, but can do the exercises well, most times. I am including some pictures . . . [Bro] brushes her on [a table in the garage], which she just loves. She'll jump up there without any coaxing and wait for Bro. We have found a good place to leave her when we go on vacation. It's a neighbor friend that keeps dogs in her home; she also walks dogs daily for anyone, like people that work and so we feel better about leaving her. Tully loves other dogs.


P.S. I feed the satin recipe cooked, baked meat balls and am still making them. I add them to dry Innova food. ~ Lynn




07/04/08: I took your advice and changed Tully to Royal Canin Intestinal HE 28. I was really struggling to find something she would eat consistently. Some days she refused her food for 24 hours or more. What I have discovered is that she does better with small portions and so I tried feeding her first thing in the morning when I get up at 6:00AM And for a week this is working, BUT I can only get her started by putting 1-2 TBS, large, of cottage cheese in the kibbles and let her lick the spoon to get her started. Then she eats in the evening around 8 or 9:00PM when I give her another 1 to 1-1/2 cups of kibbles again with the cottage cheese. On a few days she seemed interested in eating round 4:00 and then would let me know about 8:00 or so she wanted to eat again. She is strange eater. She is never interested in biscuits they give out at the bank or from friends when we visit . Cottage cheese is the only thing she seems to really like and now I'm concerned because someone told me recently that dogs are lactose sensitive or insensitive. Do you know anything about this? I was surprised to find that Royal Cannin Intestinal HE 28 is a prescription formula. No problem, we got the prescribtion. I think she may have gained some. She was down to about 70 pounds and had weighed more before we went away. I plan to weigh her next time we go to Petsmart. With all my whining I must tell you she is a very happy dog. She is friendly and inquisitive and getting to be well mannered, and we are still going to dog school. ~ Lynn


05/21/09: We realize that we never noted Tully's owner says she completed the Canine Good Citizen program. ~ AAKS


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