This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.

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07/19/08: We had a good day at the beach, thought you might enjoy these. Behr just completed his Outdoor Adventure dog training class. He was 96 pounds at the vet two weeks ago so I wouldn't be surprised if he is almost 100 now at 10 months. The rarities photos were great on the forum. ~ Melissa




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