This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.

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dakota6dakota07/08/08: Just a small update. Dakota went to the vet today for his 1st booster on his rattlesnake shots. Those shots are all going well. You would never know he has had them. He just never seems to skip a beat. He will have one more booster because of his weight and then every year just a booster. Both of the vet's boxers were bitten last week. Dakota weighed 106.4 lbs at the vet today. The vet thinks he looks very good. We're headed to dog class tonight and I have sent along a few more pictures of Dakota on the beach from a few days ago. I forgot his ball so he occupied himself over and over again running in and out of the water. I hope I haven't bombarded you with photos but I always like for you to see him. I think you must be getting close to having another litter. I will be anxious to see them. It's always so fun to see the puppies. ~ Sandy


07/17/08: I understand you and did very well at the show. Congratulations!! Sopheara took 3 Best in Shows?? She sure is a good looking little puppy. The color definitely reminds me of Hoss as a puppy . . . Dakota is doing fine. We will be going to Northern California tomorrow so he is in for a 8 hr car ride. He never seems to mind it. Goes along with the flow. Dakota has started chewing on his dog leash and it is driving me nuts. Have put everything on it and he pays no attention. Makes it a little tuff at dog class!! As usual a few more pictures . . . He has just been the best dog ever. Let me know when the puppies arrive and if you will be breeding Lil' Red again next year. ~ Sandy




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