Hera Angel


11/07: Hera Angel is doing extremely well !!! She has settled in like she has been here for months!!! She has added a whole new chapter in our lives. She loves riding in the car everyday as we drive my oldest son to pre-school. She's a huge hit at the school, as all the children refer to her as a and little bear cub and Everyone that meets her, adores her, I can no longer count how many people have told me that they want her!!! It is truly amazing at how quickly she has adjusted to our family. We just had our sons' annual/Christmas photos taken with Hera Angel .


She is doing very well with her potty training!!! She has had a few accidents, but for being only a couple of months old, that is unbelievable!!! This story will surely prove how GREAT her housebreaking is going . We put her in the crate as late as we can every night (at midnight-1:00 AM). The crate is in our kitchen and our bedroom is upstairs. On Thursday night Chris put her in the crate at around 1:00 AM and came to bed. I woke up at 7:00 AM, came downstairs and found her sleeping by our front door!!! Apparently Chris did not latch the crate door properly and Hera Angel had all those hours to roam the house and do as she pleased!!! Would you believe that this precious baby, didn't do one thing and NO PEE, NO POO, NO CHEWING and NOT ONE THING and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We were in awe!!!


We got Hera Angel's name from Greek Mythology. I am Greek, and try to follow as many family traditions as I can. My family has named all their pets after Greek gods and goddesses. Our dog that passed away in June was named Athena our dog prior to that was Adonis, my sister has Hercules, my brother has Zeus. In Greek mythology, Hera was wife of Zeus, Queen of the Gods. My oldest son liked the name Angel, so we just added that to Hera's name hence Hera Angel.


The boys tire Hera out everyday. They run around the yard and house with her, all having a ball . . . I will be taking her to school after the 1st of the year . . . Thank you for blessing us with this precious girl. She truly is a joy to have. ~ Fran, Chris, Christopher,John, and Hera Angel (New York, USA)


01/15/08: Hera will be 4 months old in a few days~~~WOW!!! Let me tell you, she is doing FANTASTIC!!! She is nearly potty trained. She goes right to the door we always let her out from and scratches when she wants to go. Her ears have been up for a couple of weeks now and at her last vet appt (last week) she weighed 35#. The vet said she figures at her next appt (next week) she will be half her adult weight (75-80#) Her coloring is beautiful. I want to also apologize for not sending any pix of her, I'm still a bit PC illiterate . . .


Hera loves everyone!!! When the bell rings or there's a knock on the door, her ears are up and she lets out a deep, bone-chilling bark (we love that), then she proceeds to lick that person and roll over to have her belly scratched!!!! TOO CUTE!!! She is eating like a champ and she is so good even when my boys sit next to her while she eats and grab her food and try to feed her, she is very tolerant of them!!!


We are still working on the puppy chewing! She loves our feet and has ripped most all our socks!!! We keep our slippers on most of the time, but she LOVES them too!!! I don't know if you have any suggestions for this, but would love to hear any!!!Overall, she is just a joy to our family and I can't wait until I can send you some pix. She LOVES the snow too!!! We've had a few big storms and she just loves it!!! She actually loves being outside, even though it's @ 28 degrees out! We have a hard time getting her to come in! Well, I just wanted to fill you in . . . I also wanted to send a special THANK YOU to Ranger's mom for the awesome stocking! Hera loved it!!! ~ Fran, Chris, Christopher, John, and Hera Angel


03/20/08: Our girl is sooo big @ 55#. She is so awesome!!! Her protective instinct is amazing, she is so protective of my 2 boys, yet so gentle with them. ~ Fran




03/23/08: [These first two photos above are] Hera Angel in her favorite spot on the deck!!! She just h58LOVES being outside... [plus a 179kb QuickTime video of Hera learning to sit] ~ Fran


06/20/08: [Photo above right] Here's my son sitting on his comfy chair, Hera Angel! Her tolerance is amazing! ~ Fran


05/ 08/09: I know its been a while...here is a recent pic of our girl Hera. ~ Fran


AAKS NOTE: The resemblance of Hera to her mom, Lil' Red, is amazing!




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