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both ears up!chair12/02/07: Here is another photo of Hoss. He will be 11 weeks . . . so not even 3 months yet. He used to lay on Mike's chest when Mike was sitting in this chair, now he always lays underneath Mike's chair, and when I came outside, I saw him laying like this, I thought it was so cute, so I took this picture! He is getting so big! ~ Janet


12/08/07: Here are the pictures I promised of Hoss. He got a new pool today . . . He is 3 days shy of 12 weeks and weighed 30lbs. day before yesterday. ~ Janet





kinglawn chair12/12/07: My daughter and I have been teaching Hoss to say “I love you”! Yup, and he is 3 months old and doing pretty good at it. I am attaching [a 3.35MB mpg] video of him trying to say “I love you”, maybe when he is 6 months old, he can say it? LOL He sure is a smarty, but I think with Mike and I having these crazy working hours, he sometimes gets his days and nights mixed up. Sometimes he sleeps for 3 hours during the day, and when Mike gets home he is ready to go crazy. Then other days, he sleeps when Mike is here, and when I get home anytime after 10:30, then he is ready to go crazy. But he is still tons of fun . . . about the funny video: you really wouldn't know what he is trying to say, unless I told you so, but still, its cute!. ~ Janet



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