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12/26/07: [Hoss] got a new pool today . . . He is 3 days shy of 12 weeks and weighed 30 lbs day before yesterday. ~ Janet


standstick30 pounds


weird eyes big stickhoss and janet


01/08/08: Hoss is so funny. He has this thing he does, late at night, before he lays down. I get home around [late at night]. I let him out of his cage, quietly, so he doesn't wake Mike. I let him out to go pee, then he comes with me, into the computer room. I give him a dog biscuit and a bunch of toys and I get on the computer and that usually keeps him busy, enough time for me to read my mail. Then he starts with his thing: he runs after his tail, then he drops himself to the floor and rolls on his back and talking the whole time (kinda loud too) It's almost like he is announcing to the whole neighborhood he is getting ready to go to sleep. After he does this for a little while, he goes over to the tile floor and begins to scratch it , like somebody buried something under the tiles and he is trying to dig it up. Then he finally lies down and crashes out. Funny!! Mike hasn't seen him do this yet, but Staci and Ryan have , and when they saw him do this, they ask me if he was OK. I said, yup , he is just getting his last bit of energy out of his body for the night. Just thought I would tell you what a character he is . ~ Janet


01/09/08: I have been telling [you] that every night Hoss digs . . . under the same tile flooring . . . and that every night he throws himself on the carpet and get very vocal . . . Well I finally got it on film. I am sending the bones one (9MB) [and] . . . the one where he wants everyone to know that he is getting very sleepy (8.6MB).. At least now you know I am not cracking up! . . . enjoy the videos. ~ Janet




01/21/08: Hoss at 4 months and 50 pounds later ~ Janet
02/03/08: Hoss with his “mom” and best friend, ready for the Super Bowl. "Can you tell who they're rooting for?" ~ Janet
02/05/08: . . . [He's becoming] a black and red King Shepherd. The black stripe down his back just keeps getting bigger everyday! ~ Janet


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