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02/11/08: [Hoss] is getting so big. I must say he is a pretty boy. ~ Mike










one02/14/08: I am attaching a video (6.49MB) . . . It is Hoss' first rainstorm that he ran around in. At first, he didn't want to go out into the rain. So I told my son, and you know boys and rain and puppies. So they started running together, and Hoss tried to trip Ryan at the end. You can hear me laughing. It was so funny. ~ Janet


02/23/08: Just wanted to send you some pictures of your grandson (right and below). The pictures are not that good but I was just trying to show his bone structure and mass, his changing color, and how long his legs are getting. Amy, do you think he has a square looking muzzle and do you think he will develop a nice dark saddle or do you think it will keep all the red mixed in? The big guy starts his classes next Saturday but I think he will not have any problem with it as we have already taught him a lot. I just worry about having all the other dogs around. He is pretty mellow so I don't foresee too many problems. ~ Mike







02/26/08: Still trying to get him to talk (10MB mpg file). ---- Perhaps one day? ~ Janet


03/02/08: Hoss is 5 months and weighs 75 pounds. In this picture (left), Hoss appears to have weight on him, but we all know, he is so skinny in real life. We do feed him, but he is growing so fast, he isn't putting on weight right now. ~ Janet


03/21/08: This is a little (6MB mpg) video of what Ryan and Hoss do when he comes home from work. Hoss really seems to enjoy it and Ryan burns off a little energy. ~ Mike



04/10/08: Just wanted to tell you how Hoss is doing. He is a little over 6.5 months and weighs about 80 lbs. He has developed what I consider a beautiful long coat and mane. I am glad the kids are grown as he has become the new baby of the family. He has a perfect temperament, loves kids and everyone else. I know you say temperament is a small percentage hereditary and the rest environment but I think Hoss has gotten his mother's gentle soul and his father's heart. We take him everywhere with us and have exposed him to many different scenarios with people, pets and places. He does great no matter what, not even our afternoon thunder storms cause him unease. The only thing that should fear him is lizards and dragonflies. I am going to attach a photo of him chasing a lizard up a tree. This is something my GSD Ruby has taught him. I think she showed him about lizards so he would let her get some peace. Please continue to preach to your new puppy owners to socialize their puppies as soon as and not before they have all of their shots. I believe this is one reason Hoss is so well gentle and well behaved.


Hoss should finish his obedience class in two weeks and I will send you a copy when I get it. Then he will start his advanced class that includes his AKC Canine Good Citizen hossprogram but the trainer says he could pass it now with no problem . We will be visiting assisted living facilities during the class and Janet is very happy about that as she wants to continue his training so she can take him weekly to visit the elderly. This is something she has always wanted to do. We will let you know how that works out.


Thank you for giving us such a great companion and friend. He will be happy and loved for many years (the good Lord willing). I only wish you could get down here to see him in person because pictures just don't do him justice. Give his mama Lil' Red a kiss for me. ~ Mike


04/03/08: Photo (right) sent to us of five month old Hoss sitting next to an adult Bernese Mountain Dog at his obedience class ~ AAKS


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