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04/07/08: Just wanted to let you know about Hoss's trip to the Winter Park doggie art show this hoss1weekend. The show closes down a street and venders set up booths for dog items and art. He did real good with all the other dogs and the crowds. The only problem was when a lady and her little girl (5 or 6) wanted to pet Hoss. He had no problem with laying there and let them pet him but when the mother turned to talk to me about Kings I saw her look down with a look of dread on her face. I looked down and the little girl had gotten down face to face to Hoss. I did not have time to say anything to Hoss before it was too late. He opened his mouth and went for the girls face. Yes that's right Hoss did that. The good news all she came away with was a big sloppy Hoss kiss and a wet face. I was so proud of him and the lady just smiled. He is great. He had photographers taking pictures of him and a good deal of people wanting to meet him and talk about him. I only had one lady ask me if he was mixed with a chow. I just smiled because I am used to that question. I don't understand it but I am used to it. [Here is] a picture of Hoss and I, sitting in front of one of the shops on the street watching all the hundreds of dogs and people go by. It is a little blurry but you can get the idea. ~ Mike


04/25/08: Just wanted to enclose a copy of Hoss's certificate, " Basic Obedience Class". Next class starts May 10th, I already signed up for him. That one is called " Good Citizen class". ~ Janet


hoss305/03/08: Thanks to [Amy, Susan & Mark] for all the great hoss2pictures of the show, pups, and Ranger. You know how I enjoy them.


Took Hoss to the dog park today and he seems to enjoy the water a little more but still won't swim. I am not going to force him I think the other dogs will get him to go in on his own.


I did want to send a picture . . . just so you can see your grandson. He is passed out right now and he will be that way for awhile. ~ Mike and Hoss


hoss105/28/08: Just thought I would send a picture of Hoss that I think he looks so pretty in. He's 8 months old here and 87 lbs. ~ Mike


hoss206/08/08: Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Hoss to show off his colors, his mane, and his good looking owner LOL.. He does not usually get up on the bed so Janet snapped a couple of pictures while he was up there. Amy, do you remember when he was born he had a mane? Well I don't have anything to compare with but I would say he has one heck of a mane. When Janet was at class the other day there was a lady that brought a couple of foster hoss3kids and one was . . . in a walker type of thing. Well, he came up to Hoss and started poking him in the eye a little and Hoss just reached out and gave him a big wet sloppy Hoss kiss and the little boy gave him a kiss back and a hug and Hoss just let him hang on him. Janet was so happy about the way he handled himself and gave him lots of praise. Driving home she ran into a bunch of teenagers having a car wash at a local gas station and came up to the window when she stopped at a light. When the one kid saw Hoss he asked if he could reach in and pet him. Janet said yes and before you knew it there were six kids around the truck reaching in and petting Hoss.Canine Good Citizen CertificateHe was so good Janet was really impressed. He has a great personality. I can't wait until he goes to the assisted living center in two weeks and see how he does. If I can I will take some pictures. ~ Mike, Janet and Hoss


07/19/08: Just wanted to share the good news. (Hoss got his Canine Good Citizen Certificate). ~ Mike



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