12/21/07: Todd has been making 2 baby gates for our kitchen area & has been making me read the dog book Becky bought for him. He is sooooo excited [for our puppy to arrive]. I told him he's gonna make a great dad someday as I have enjoyed watching him prepare for Kaiser's arrival. Please know we are all excited about him coming--we even helped Todd rearrange his bedroom to accommodate the crate. Kaiser will be in good hands. ~ Nancy (Ohio, USA)


12/24/07: Kaiser has been such an amazing pup and my whole family is just in love with him. My mom who was worried way too much about him peeing and pooping in the house realizes that he is quick to house train. He has only gone in the house a handful of times and already understands what I'm saying to him when I take outside to his spot. My mom is just so impressed by him and how fun he can be. She said that when she saw the three pups* come out of my aunts car she could have cried so that's a good thing. Also we took to him to the vet today for his check up and we found out that he is in very good shape physically . . . They also said he weighs now a little over 8 pounds so he has gained a pound or so and should do just fine. Thank you so much for letting us have him and Merry Christmas to you. ~ Toddkaiser1


* * Two others from this litter (Riley and Shadow) live in the near vicinity.


01/16/08: Well, Kaiser and my family are doing just great. As you can see (photo right), he had a great Christmas along with the rest of my family. He is now weighing in at 14.4 pounds and is still the smallest one I believe of the three pups down here. We did get the three all together (Kaiser, Riley, and Shadow) to have a little reunion again just last week. They enjoyed themselves for an hour or so just romping around in the yard. They are just so funny to watch how they will just follow each other everywhere and do whatever the pup in front of them does. I'll keep trying to send you pictures of the boy. ~ Todd


02/06/08: . . . Kaiser [he was the puppy gallery white collar male] is now about 28 pounds and is growing very fast. His legs seem to get longer everyday and he is just great. He is enrolled in puppy classes with his two brothers every Saturday morning and is doing well there. ~ Todd




04/03/08: It's been a long time since I have last told you about my growing boy. I have just been busy with classes and everything so I am sorry. Kaiser is doing just great! My family is loving him because he is just so nice and fun to be with. My Aunt Becky and I usually take Kaiser and Riley for a walk at least once a week just to let them play with each other while we walk around. But I think his favorite part is just riding in the car, he never wants to get out. We are still taking him to training classes every Saturday . . . he is just beautiful and is getting so much better around the house. My mom said she left him out in half of our house yesterday for 6 hours and he did perfect. Nothing was chewed up, no messes or anything and it was great. He just loves being outside and watching everything. Thank you so so much for letting us have him, he is just a little bundle of joy! ~ Todd




04/18/08: VGL test report PDF for "yellow [collar] male" a/k/a Kaiser states “Among the 2 males given to compare (AKS20, AKS8), only CDC'S AMY ACRES KINGS POLAR 04-WFDA142-1M qualifies as a possible sire. ” ~ AAKS

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