12/26/07: . . . To say I'm excited [for the puppy to get here] is an understatement. We lost our Border Collie to a car hit last July and there has been an empty spot that needed to be filled. My daughter Hannah was enthralled with Gypsy and even at her young age at that time something new was not the same. She is nuts for animals and carries a puppy toy around the house. A buddy of mine who is on the Jefferson City Police Dept is going with me to pick Lycan up. He has an American Shepherd and trains Schutzen with him. I don't know if I'll go that route or not. I'll keep you up on whatever advanced training I decide on. ~ Reggie (Missouri, USA)


12/27/07: Everything went well. The flight delay concerned me for Lycan's sake but he was just fine on arrival. I took him out of the pet carrier and held him all the way home. We stopped twice for potty breaks and he slept on and off during the ride. He ate well when we got home and has gone poop several times and it looks good so I don't think his stomach is upset at all. He follows me around everywhere and goes outside with me to pee. He has withheld the "good stuff" till we got back in. ( He goes out an pee's, I just go with him.) I needed a stool sample for the vet tomorrow anyway. He is beautiful and is going to be a daddy's oneboy. Right now I have kenneled him for the night and I had forgotten how loud they can be. Thanks ~ Reggie


01/18/08: . . . [dropping] a line on how Lycan is doing. Tomorrow we meet with a Master Trainer for an introductory session. [The trainer] is well respected in this area and Shepherds are her specialty. She is excited as she has never meet a King Shepherd before. Lycan's left ear was up and stayed up about a week after arrival. His right acts like it wants to come up but hasn't quite made it. His weight on 12-28 was 13.7 lbs. and at his next vet appointment on 01-09 it was 19.1 lbs. I thought he wasn't eating as much as he should during that time but Lycan knew what he was doing.


He has learned to sit on command and always sits before I open any doors in the house. I've been working him with the leash and he gives the impression he understands heel but it's spotty at times. He understands release bite commands (at least after the second or third time). I've been using German commands with him. He and the Sheltie have quite a relationship which I have had to curb a little as I was starting to take a second to the Sheltie. He and the Poodle have a non-relationship as the Poodle acts like Lycan isn't here. Hannah and Lycan get along well although he has knocked her over several times. She takes it in stride and he acts like he is very sorry.


The crate training is about licked and the accidents in the house are almost over. His personality is starting to come out and is starting to vocalize when he feels it necessary. He watches me when I talk to him and it's obvious he is trying to figure out what I'm saying. I'll let you know how the training progresses. ~ Reggie


02/23/08: Lycan was 28.5lbs threetwoon 02-01. My vet wanted me to slow him down a little as he was putting on about three pounds a week however,he carried it well and I guess it was more a precaution for his tendons and joints. Everyone, everywhere are quite taken with Lycan. He had a minor run in with a female Lab the other day. She wasn't on a leash and he was. It came out of nowhere during a meet and greet on the sidewalk. She took bite at Lycan's muzzle and without much thought or growl he dodged it and gave her a snap on her muzzle. He stands his ground without much excitement and thus far he hasn't shown any fear or apprehension of man nor beast. Basic training is going well. ~ Reggie


04/18/08: VGL test report PDF for "orange [collar] male" a/k/a Lycan states “Among the 2 males given to compare (AKS20, AKS8), only CDC'S AMY ACRES KINGS POLAR 04-WFDA142-1M qualifies as a possible sire. ” ~ AAKS


10/24/08: Sorry, I missed [the] sixth month photo of Lycan. We did some re-modeling around here and things have been torn up for the last six months. Anyway, I'll send pics next month of my little one year old. On today's date he weighed 126lbs and I think he could get his mouth around a bowling ball. He is still good natured, playful and obedient (well he knows what I want and when it works for him he's good with it). He loves the water and swims in the lake everyday and he is a powerful swimmer. ~ Reggie


11/16/08: Lycan's weight was never a concern for me as I really don't think he eats much. I feed him twice a day two cups of Iam's adult large breed (I just started the adult food) and hamburger. Really not that much hamburger, less than a quarter lb. and I cook it first. I'm taking him to a Master K-9 trainer and she admits she is a dog food Nazi but she thinks he needs to drop weight. She says his waist is bigger than it should be and she doesn't see ribs. Maybe she is right but I keep telling her that he isn't exactly the same as a GSD and his rear looks to me to be more like a Pyrenees, which it probably should. Anyway, because of things going on here and hormones going on with him, I started the training with Master K-9. The trainer is impressed with his intelligence and his heart which she said is kind. He has done many things that it takes other dogs much longer to perform. His prey drive is out of this world.l2l01 He is a very high drive type of dog that needs to be channeled. I think this training is what he needs. ~ Reggie


12/26/09: Better late then never I guess. I've been meaning to send these to you for some time. Lycan is very well and getting better as he gets older. There is still a little puppy in him even at a little over two yrs. He is the best dog I have ever had and that's a lot as just about every dog I have had has been the best. ~ Reggie




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