12/27/07: Max is absolutely beautiful!! My family and friends are very impressed with him, it's almost as though my wife and I had our third child the way everyone is stopping by and calling to welcome him. My daughters absolutely love him! I can't thank you enough for the positive experience that you provided during the whole process. I will be taking him to the Vet on Saturday for his well puppy visit and will send out some pictures to you shortly and often as he progresses thru his training programs and "bite work" training with Rick, but for the next few weeks he will just be a happy carefree puppy! Thanks again Amy for everything! ~ Mike (Virginia, USA)


02/06/08: Just wanted to express to you again how pleased we are with Max [the no collar male from the litter gallery]. He begins his training with Rick in about 2 weeks. Up until now, Max has just been a happy pup! I have attached a few pics of him. I find it hard to believe that he is almost 3x the size he was when he arrived 4 weeks ago! I will keep you updated as his training progresses. Thanks again. ~ Mike




04/18/08: VGL test report PDF for "no collar male" a/k/a Max states “Among the 2 males given to compare (AKS20, AKS8), only CDC'S AMY ACRES KINGS POLAR 04-WFDA142-1M qualifies as a possible sire. ” ~ AAKS


08/07/08: Max is starting to show promise. He was slow to mature but he is making progress. All his work so far is strictly prey driven. Mike is actively working with Max and for the most part we are pleased with him. His obedience is very nice, I do however have to keep working with Mike....LOLOLOLOL. ~ Rick (AAKS Note: Rick is Max's trainer at Sassafras K9 in Stafford, Virginia.)


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