01/14/08: Things are going well. Midas is doing great. He is 16 lbs already. He gets along well with Josie. I’ll send you some pictures later in the month. ~ Jen (Ohio, USA)


04/18/08: VGL test report PDF for "green [collar] male" a/k/a Midas states “Among the 2 males given to compare (AKS20, AKS8), only CDC'S AMY ACRES KINGS POLAR 04-WFDA142-1M qualifies as a possible sire. ” ~ AAKS


05/15/08: Sorry about the [Ohio Rarities] show. I work weekends, so it gets difficult. Maybe next time. I did put a few pictures together for you. I will get some more next week. He is a very good looking pup. ~ Jen




05/24/08: These have been taken in the last 2 weeks. Let me know what you think. ~ Jen




06/02/08: He is great with the kids. He is a little uncoordinated right now, but that will improve as he gets older. He is doing great. ~ Jen


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