01/09/08: Our little bundle of joy was the highlight of Christmas morning. The boys went crazy! Eli named him Shadow – which has quickly evolved into Shad . . . Wait until you see him – his little muzzle is growing and he’s transforming from Gorilla Boy into Mr. Stud Muffin. He is soooo handsome! This past weekend, Becky, Todd and I got all three brothers* together to play outside (we had unseasonable warm temperatures – in the 60s!) What a riot. The pups had a blast. They have all three grown so much. We have another vet appointment on Friday. I’ll let you know how much he weighs now. I hope you, your family, and all of your four legged friends have a happy, healthy New Year! ~ Karen (Ohio, USA)


* Two others from this litter (Riley and Kaiser) live in the near vicinity.


04/18/08: VGL test report PDF for "red [collar] male" a/k/a Shadow states “Among the 2 males given to compare (AKS20, AKS8), only CDC'S AMY ACRES KINGS POLAR 04-WFDA142-1M qualifies as a possible sire. ” ~ AAKS


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