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6/14/08:  Schummi is 5 months old today!  [photo at right] sixHe doesn't really look like a puppy that much anymore:  all his puppy fuzz is gone except for his mane, his ears are huge, and his head seems to be getting broader.  And let's not forget how big he is getting -- 63 pounds!  He started a Puppy Class last week and is picking up the first few commands very quickly.  By the end of the class, he was laying down and almost asleep, as if to say, "Yeah, I got this already.  Wake me up when there's something new to do."  :)  Here's a couple of pictures I snapped in my studio.  Isn't his coloring gorgeous?! ~ Andrea


7/4/08: leashSchummi had a great 4th of July! [photos left and below right] We went to the festivities in our town where he got to see baby goats in the petting zoo, lots of children, a parade, and a marching band with really loud bagpipes. He did really well with all the excitement and we stayed about an hour until it got too This was the first time my husband came with me on one of Schummi's socialization "walkabouts", and he couldn't believe all the people who stopped us to compliment Schummi and ask us about him. It felt like we couldn't walk more than 5 feet without getting stopped! But he's a beauty, so we're proud to show him off! ~ Andrea


7/14/08:  one73 pounds and absolutely gorgeous at 6 months! [photo at left and below right] It's hard to believe how quickly he has grown and changed in the 4 months he's been with us.two  His coat is so beautiful -- very long and silky to the touch, with incredible color variations.  His mane really stands out, and everyone comments on how lion-like he is.  It's made up of cottony fur from his puppy coat, and we're hoping that when it's replaced by adult fur that he still has a mane.


He graduated from Puppy Class with flying colors!  I have to admit that he was a bit of a teacher's pet, but obviously smart and performed the best in the "final exam" when the instructor put us through a mock obedience trial.  You would still recognize him as "hell on wheels" when he gets demanding and stubborn with the other dogs in our pack.  :) ~ Andrea


8/15/08: Here's Schummi at 7 months! He's 78 lbs. and 27" high at the shoulder. Isn't he gorgeous?! And he's a huge hit wherever we go -- everyone comments on his looks and inquires about his breed. And it's pretty unanimous -- most folks compare him to a lion with a mane. :) ~ Andrea




05/21/09: We realize that we never noted Schummi's owner says his PennHip scores are L.70 R.43 . ~ AAKS


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