06/21/08: Cricket went for her Puppy Wellness test and was given a clean bill of health as expected. The vet was very impressed with her. He kept saying "You're so calm!". I asked his opinion of her temperament and he said when choosing a dog himself from a litter he would choose the one who acted like Cricket! He said she was very alert to what was going on yet wasn't chewing on his fingers or squirming away or showing any fear. He said she was right in the middle of the spectrum of dispositions and that is usually the best dog! She spent Thursday afternoon with me in the Grade Three classroom. She did awesome! Morgan took her to his room and showed her to his classmates as well. You should see him, he's so proud of her! I found out from the Cargo Department that they did confiscate her food. They will confiscate any dog food going across our borders, in OR out. I am going to try to go on the yahoo forum sometime this weekend and introduce her there. ~ Angie (Alberta, Canada)


07/26/08: Cricket . . . is responding and is willing to take a submissive stance . . . This came easy for her with her humans, however Bella and Rosie find her to be a handful and are in fact still showing her her place. Yesterday I finally saw her readily take that submission when approaching Bella. Bella for once did not need to growl at her. I am so glad that Russ [Rathy] also pointed that out as we were only seeing a frisky full of life puppy. I am sure she will in her adolescence test us for dominance again but we will be prepared. It is nice having such a confident outgoing pup around and she is the favorite of all our visitors! People just point at her and say " I like that one" when meeting all our dogs. I will be making some time in the next couple of weeks to get some nice photos and a write-up on both Bella and Cricket . . . This is all good news and I am happy that we gave [Bella] another chance here and things are working out, I can feel good about this choice. I hope you can understand. ~ Angie


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